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Here comes a WIP on the army I'll bring to the UK LO-meet 2009, I've moved this from the armylist board to this place instead.
I do know it's not like a very competative list, but alas, sometimes we all have to surrender before the awesomness of chaos.
I'm not really finished with the list though, so some things will disappear during the creation of this little army.
Enough rambling...not quite.
One of the least competative components in this army is the LandRaider. I do know it's a waste to use one in a 1500 points list, but I'll go against all common sense and field this only for the love of modelling.
The DP is an old one, initially made as a gift for a friend but it returned to me once he gone all Eldar on me.
I'll finish my Knight titan and use as a Defiler or I might build me a new one of spareparts and greenstuff. I have had plans for this since I started on the Knight. But it all depends on how much time I'll have.
I will also build or modify three-four squads of Nurgloid Marines. One of those squads will be very assaulty and use the rules for the KhorneBerzerkers, but I don't plan on using them red models with funnylooking helmets. Nope they'll be just as bloated as everything else.
I'll even try to make room for a Dread, and for this the old fourlegged freak begs me to finish him. He might well be equipped with 2 DCCWs though. Not sure I wan't a crazed dude with a lascan behind me.
So, here are my initial pics and just to keep some things as you are used to, I've made sure the pics are really, really crappy:)


It'll get more eyes and stuff on the outside, but I've got plans for this see.
As you can see the front ramp will get a "mouthy" appperance.

Here's a close up on one of the "innermost" areas.

You can see how I've tried to make parts of the innermost hull look orbanic, it'll get a bleeding-bone-look later while the part just "over" it will be shiny metal and the outermost layer will be green and meaty.

You can see on the right side of the pic, just above the backdoor how the metal has begun the wrap away, here it'll come extra plaugonic exhaust bursting up through the hull.

I have not made as much exterior conversions yet as I've been pretty busy with my own version of interior design.
I like to think Nurgloids like to have a nice and cosy truck inside and I have always been fascinated by the FW-models. So I decided to make my own version of a Chaotic LR-interior. It's not quite finished yet, but at least you'll get an idea of where it's heading.

Now here's a couple of pics on the DP, a winged one. I'll get better pics of him later once the kids are a sleep.

And finally, for those of you who have not seen the Dread yet a small pic on him too. As I said he'll get two ccws I think and only if I can find a way to squeez him into the army. If not he'll be sitting on the shelf for yet a while.

That's all for now folks. I'll get back with more pics as there is progress.

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Wow, this is some awesome stuff! Your green stuff work is great, I'm really looking forward to seeing that Land Raider take shape. I love your ideas, having the inner hull appear more 'living' etc.

I also really like the dread, how was the face done?

To be honest I can't fault any of your work so far! All I can think of to ask is, are you going for a Death Guard colour scheme or something of your own devising?

Anywho, thank you for sharing, consider me repped and subscribed...

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The Dread can be found somewhere as a WIP-thread, eother on the Modelling or Projects board. I think it was called "Fourlegged freak" it actually started out as a tutorial on doing the face if my memory serves me. So all you wish to know should be there.

As for the colours, I think I'll use a combo of green, bone, blood and well...flesh. This might differ a bit on the different units and models though. But at the moment I'm a bit far from painting. Got way more cutting and Greenstuffing to do before I get to that stage.

Really glad you like it.

EDIT: sorry, this is the face WIP

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Oh, indeed there will be eyes. I have this thing for them little bilghters you see.
On the LR's right side on the front, where I've cut a thing away, the place where there already are a few blobs of GS. There it'll be cluster of eyes starting a bit back and then going in a wavy shape all across the hole (which will become a mouth I think) and down to the visionslit just next to the heavy bolters.
I have also thought I might swap the tracks for fleshy strings of claws and teeth, like eating it's way forth.

For the "berzerkers" I plan on using the Great Weapons from the WHFB Chaos Warriors, I think that'll be enough to give them the assaulty-look.

I have some more pics of the interior. Just realised the pillar thing didn't really show on the ones I posted earlier.

On this sideshot you can see I cut out one of the panelthingies. Here things will be coming out, things like tubes and intestials..maybe a spine. They'll help spreading the plauge from the bonechimneys bursting out through the metal. You can slo see some of the stuff hanging from the celing.

Here you can see what the pillar looks like from an open door.

Just like this is the backpanel from another door.

And this is but another closeup shot of it.

So, now I'll go continue my modelling:)
Please keep you comments coming.


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Wow, Andy, this is all amazing - your greenstuffing is ridiculous!
I love how far you take all your conversions, way to make your army completely yours ;)
I can't wait to see all of these painted dude.

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DMC said:
Now we really need to get ourselves a longboat to cruise Nottingham's canal with...
Well, let's see what Kuffy can dig up.

Right now I'm in a "waiting for GS to cure state" which is pretty boring. It get's way much easier when poping by LO though. Guess I better bring my laptop to the workingplace.

I've decided to reuse a few of my old models for this project so I just need to repaint them and then I've saved myself weeks of work. Ha!

danjones87 said:
I hope the removabilit of the top plate doesnt hamper the exterior conversions
Yes, this is getting more and more of a trouble. I think I know a way around it but I'm not sure it'll work:/
I will have one of the sidedoors made out of gooey-stuff, letting some light through and I'll try to make the vents at the back-er part of the LR a bit less dense. That should also help a bit when looking through the "mouth".

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I do have some water-effects I thought I should use for this. Maybe even try to get some more organic feeling into it by adding a few drips of paint or ink. I'm gonna try this later on some less important models.

And I think I'd rather wait for the gs to cure than for me to cure after being torn apart by my GF for waking the kids with a hairdryer. I've got enough pprojects (and LO) running to keep me busy while waiting:)

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My god man! It's all stupendous.

You know how i've gone on about your stuff before and i do so again.

You've given me some great ideas for detailing my dark mechanicus constructs. It's a pity i am on the other side of the world, wish i could see your stuff in real life.

The GS detailing on the side pillar reminds me of some art thats in some art I saw. It's like a true realisation of the darkness of the 40k universe.

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Oh my god... It's full of stars...

Awesome to see you back in action buddy!
I shall be waiting with baited breath, looking forward to more horror from the king himself...


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Wow, thanks guys, I became vwry happy and proud when I read the word "stupendous" eventhough I do not know what it means:)

I post only to say I've done some more sculpting tonight, but as I have mighty limited time to use I have yet to take pictures.
I've started to sketch up the front eyes using GS-blobs and I am quite finished with the chimneys. I've done the other interior pillar as well, but am not really happy with how it turned out.
As I look upon this model now, I start to think I might have to add more interior details as well, to balance it. I'm thinking about doing some intestial-infected bulkworks and maybe to build me some sort of poison-cooking organ just by the left back hatch. THose chimneys should come from something I reckon.

If anyone has experience of mixing paint and watereffects, please help me with what has worked and what has been a disaster. I would like to avoid the latter, see...

Anyway, until pics arrive tomorrow, thanks for reading and replying.

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Sorry about the all-text update of yesterday. I jsust wanted to share the fact I've actually done something with you:)
Now it's time for some more pics of what I've done.
As I said earlier I am not really satisfied with how the second pillar ended up but I've decided to just add some more intestials to it and hope it'll look better.

And here's a pic of the whole interior as it stands at the moment. I will be adding details to the ceeling and maybe something juicy by the back door on the vehicles left.

Here comes a few pics of the chimney, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. All I need now is to add some high-tech-pieces to it to make it look slightly more manufactured.
Oh, and you can also see the sketchy eyes on the front.

I am pretty sure it'll look convincing enough once it's painted and glossed up:)
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