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Hey everyone, so I recently posted a 1000 point list on here but it appears that the game I have coming up this Saturday is actually a 1500 point game. So instead of revising the old post I figured I would make a whole new one. I took the advice for the 1000 points list and expanded on it. On a bit of a sidenote this list comprises most of the SM models I own, I've got some old terminators I could rebase, some other HQ choices, another tactical squad but no rhino, some heavy weapon marines and some more scouts, otherwise it uses most of what I have.

So here it is:


Captain-175 Points
Artificer Armour
Storm Shield

Librarian- 90 Points
ML 2
Force Sword


Dreadnought-145 Points (Deep Striking)
Power Fist
Heavy Flamer

Terminator Squad-200 Points (Deep Striking)
4 Terminators
1 Terminator Sergeant
1 Assault cannon
1 Chain Fist


Bike Squad A (Captain joins them)- 99 Points
3 Bikers
1 Bike Sergeant
2 Flamers
1 Melta Bomb

Bike Squad B- 108 Points
2 Space Marine Bikers
1 Biker Sergeant
1 Attack Bike
1 Heavy Bolter
1 Flamer

Scout Squad- 155 Points
7 Scouts
1 Telion
Camo Cloaks
1 Heavy Bolter
6 Sniper Rifles

Tactical Squad
-176 Points (Librarian joins them)
8 Space Marines
1 Space Marine Sergeant
1 Flamer
Rhino with dozer Blade

Fast Attack

Assault Squad-100 Points (Deep Striking)
4 Assault Marines
1 Assault Sergeant
1 Melta Bombs
2 Flamers
Jump Packs

1 Land Speeder-50 Points
2 Heavy Bolters

1 Landspeeder- 50 Points
2 Heavy Bolters

Heavy Support

Devestator Squad-155 Points
4 Devastator Marines
1 Devastator Sergeant
4 Lascannons
1 Armourium Cherub

So that's it, it has been awhile since I have played so fingers crossed all goes well. I do have a few questions

1) I picked ultramarines because this list seems pretty diverse and they seem like a catch all for tactics. But if there is maybe a different chapter that would work better with this list I would love to hear it.

2) I don't have much experience with formations, I don't think I qualify for any formations with this list? I have enough models for the 10th company scout squad but it seems like a pretty big investment for something I haven't really tried before. But if some reworking with the limited resources I have would allow for a useful formation I'd love to know.

I think that's it for the time being. Any advice or critiques are more then welcome and thanks in advance to anyone that replies :)
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