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Saturday I played a good friend who had a very good Lizardmen army (which was one of the best fantasy armies in my store). Previously I slaughtered his Ogres, so he wanted a rematch. So here it goes

My list
lvl 2
2 dispell scrolls

lvl 1
pageant of shrikes

Wild Rider
helm of the hunt

x2 11 glade guard
banner of spring tide

11 dryads

6 wild riders
msuician, champ
banner of dwindling


His List
Saurus hero
jaguar of the old blood
5+ ward save

2 skink priests
diadem of power
1 dispell scroll
bound spell
lvl 2

16 saurus

2x 16 or so skinks

6 chameleon skinks

3 kroxigors

3 terradons

3 salamanders

Deployment- WE- I had a glade guard unit on a left hill and one on the right. Wild Riders on the left flank, Treeman and spellsinger in the middle behind some trees. In front of the right glade guard unit was the dryads and the wraith was on the left flank in some trees'

Lizards- skinks in front of kroxigors behind a hill across from wr, saurus with the hero in the middle, open. chameleons in the trees right in front of the treeman (trying to poison him). skinks deep in woods on right, salamanders and terradons behind the trees. Skink priests were in trees on opposite sides.

Spells- Branchwraith gets tree singing, spellsinger got the hidden path and call of rthe hunt, his priests got 2 second signs, comet of cassandra, and an annoying 12 inch thing.

WE turn 1- move- Wild riders moved up (not as far as i should have) as did the dryads and and treeman (who turned to face the skinks

magic- i casted the hiden path on treeman and the fury of the forest was dispelled

shoot- the 2 glade guard units brought down 2 saurus warriors. Treeman killed all 6 chameleons with strangle roots.

assault- none

Lizardmen turn 1
move- terradons move into assault position as do the saurus, slamanders, kroxigors and skinks in front.

magic- priest casts second sign, I scroll the comet, everything else was dispelled.

shooting- none
assault- none

WE turn 2
move- wild riders charge the skinks, who flee and are cut down. WR are left to dry in front of kroxigors. Treeman turns to face saurus, spe dryads adcvance as well.

magic- everything is dispeeled, call of the hunt is scrolled

shooting- branchwraith and left glade guard take out 2 terradons forcing them to run off the board. Treeman strangles 4 saurus, glade guard take 2.

assault- skinks ran down, riders an inch away from kroxigors

Turn 2 lizardmen
move- saurus hero charges glade guard unharmed, saurus take on the tree and kroxigors charge wild riders, salamanders and skinks move to attack dryads.

magic- everything is dispelled except a second sign

shoot- salamanders kill a whopping 4 dryads and 3 salamander handlers

assault- kroxigors kill 2 wild riders and the riders in return put 3 woounds on them, the hero kills 3 archers and hunts them down. Saurus dont put any wounds on the tree and lose 2 in return, howevere the saurus won combat, treeman fails ld but gets away.

Turn 3 WE-
move- Dryads charge skinks, spellsinger and branchwraithmove too close to the border (stupid).

magic- treeman gets the hidden path, everythinng else dispelled.

shoot- treeman and glade guard kill 2 saurus.

assault- dryads kill 7 skinks and ruint them down with no deaths in return. Wild riders kill another kroxigor and puts another wound on the last one. Kroxigors, unable to wound the riders, get run down.

Lizardmen turn 3 \
move- priest gets out of wild rid3er charge range, saurus charge my spell singer and hero move up trying to sandhich me.

magic- cassandra scrolled, second sign cast, everything else dispelled.

shooting- none

assault- spellsinger dies

We Turn 4-
move- dryads move into range of slamanders wild riders move into range of priest, treeman turns to face saurus as do the glade guuard.

magic- nothing special

shoot- tree and glade guard wipe out saurus

assault- none

Lizardmen turn four-
move- salamanders ready to shoot branch wraith, hero charges other glade guard unharmed. Skink priest moves right next to my wild rideras looking inthe same direction (damn formation).

magic- second sign cast again, the afforemetionee=d 12 inch spell cast on my wild riders killikng all but noble

shooting- salamanders kill branchwraith

assault- hero kills glade guard and runs them down.

WE turn 5
move- dryads move into position to die Treeman moves toward the hero

magic- none

shoot- I really needed the treeman to get a high roll for strangle roots to kill the darn hero, ofcourse I roll a 2 anmd dont harm him.

assault- none

Lizardmen turn 5-
move- salamanders and hero charge the dryads, skink catchesup with noble

magic- second sign is cast and he roills a 6 for how many s4 magic missile hits on my noble and kills him.

shoot- none-

assault- the charge leaves 5 dryads left who kill a salamander and put a wound on another, they hold on.

WE turn 6
move- none

shoot- none

magic - none
assault- 3 dryads are left after they kill another salamander and wound the other.

Lizardmen turn 6-
move- none
magic- second sign

shoot- none

assault- dryads are good and they wound another lizardmen

Wood ELves- all I had left was a treeman (unwounded) and 3 dryads

Lizardmen- he had his heroes and 1 salamander and 3 handlers

Lizardmen win by about 185 VP achieving a minor victory, my opponent suggested putting the branchwraith with the dryads so I will make sure to do so next time, so what do you think

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Some comments:

Wild Rider characters cannot take a Shield, nor can they, under the current rules (and as ridiculous as it seems) take the Helm of the Hunt.

If he put his Skink Priests in forests, be sure to punish him of that. Take a mage with Calaingor's Stave and Tree Singing. His magic defense cannot possibly contain ALL the Treesinging the Branchwraith and the mage throw forth, and so that's goodbye to at least one of his Priests. The Stave is a nice tool to cause your opponent to avoid forests like the plague :D

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thanks for the comment, I actually meant to say his priests were behind trees. I had no idea wr characters cant have the helm of the hiunt, thanks.
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