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Hi All,

Well, I thought my first post should be my army list, asking for any advice that people may have. I regularly play against the following armies: IG (well, squats technically), Tyranids (he tends to play hordes and winged cc tyranids but experiments sometimes), Marines (Ultramarine flavour) and Necrons. I have tried to design my army to be able to stand a fighting chance against any of those 4.

Avatar - 155 pts

DA /w Exarch (2*Shuriken Catapult) (6) - 89 pts (will ride in Falcon)
DA /w Exarch (2*Shuriken Catapult) (6) - 89 pts (can jump in Falcon if needed)

Striking Scorpions /w Exarch (Shadowstrike, Stalker, Biting Blade) (9) - 186 pts
Howling Banshees /w Exarch (Executioner), in a WS (TL Shuriken Cannons + under Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones) - 286 pts
Fire Dragons /w Exarch (Firepike) (6) - 116 pts (will ride in Falcon)

**Fast Attack**
Warp Spiders /w Exarch (Extra Death Spinner, Withdraw) (8) - 208 pts

**Heavy Support**
Falcon /w Pulse Laser, Star Cannon, under Shuriken Cannon (Holo-fields, Spirit Stones) - 195 pts (for Fire Dragons)
Falcon /w Pulse Laser, Shuriken Cannon, under Shuriken Cannon (Holo-fields, Spirit Stones) - 175 pts (for DAs)

Total: 1499 pts

Any tips greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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How are you planning to use the army? I personally would max out the DA squads, maybe by reducing/dropping the Scorps? Perhaps also get VE for the Banshee's ride.

Essentially I was planning to use it much like the way in which a scorpion functions (2 pincers and the barbed tail). Harass the flanks with the mobile units/cc with the DAs and Avatar footslogging up the middle. The Avatar will keep the DAs from breaking, and provide a good fire soak (the guys I play against tend to be paranoid about him scince he has single handedly wiped out several "scary" squads and only ever died once in the last 10 or so games, so he tends to be a good drawer of fire).

Ideally you are right, and one of the first things I did in my 2000 pt list was to max out the DA squads, but in this list I'm just not sure if I can squeeze them in. For "fluff" reasons, I like my Striking scorps! ;)

drop the fire dragon exarch. If your going in a transport he wont make a difference
A good point, would give me 5 pts with which to upgrade the SC on the Falc to a SL. Thanks!
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