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New at this but I have read much of what is written on LO and have given this some thought. Your thoughts please:

Traits...Major Divergence
Adv1:Blessed be Warriors
Adv2: Cleanse & Purify
Maj Dis: Aspire to Glory
Min Dis: We Stand Alone

Reclusiarch w/ Jump Pk, Term Hon, Frags, Bolt Pistol
Total: 122

5 Scouts, w/ 4 Sniper Rifles...85 (To Infiltrate)
5 Tac Marines w/ Lascannon, plasma gun...100 (Base of Fire)
7 Tac Marines w/ Vet Sgt & Power Fist, 2 Meltas, Drop Pod...200
10 Tac Marines w/ Vet Sgt & Pow Fist, 2 Plasma guns, Drop Pod...230
Total: 615

10 Asslt Marines, Furious Chg, 2 Plasma Pistols, Vet Sgt & Term Hon...290 (join the Chaplain and go chop stuff)
Dreadnought, Extra Armor, Smk Lchrs, Asslt Cannon & DCCW...113 (could switch the drop pod with the plasma or melty tactical squad, swap in a heavy weapon and add them to the base of fire or start with the dreadnought on the board to counter threats in my zone and draw fire)
Total: 403

Fast Attack:
2 Lnd Spdr Tornado

Heavy Support:
8 Devs w 4 ML (Base of Fire)
Total: 200

Grand Total: 1500

EDIT: Will someone please tell me how to move this post into the SM army list section. Thanks...Buster

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Ok you our a mod will have to move this tot he army lists section or it will be deleted.
appology accepted your new I understand and made that mistake myself

As for your list i dont have my dex handy so I'll trust you added right and stuff.
Overall I like the list but you need to make your firebase squad larger as that is the one that will be taking the most heat. Good list

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Pretty good.

Looks like you want to assault with this army.
I'd dump the single lascannon fire base squad and 1 of the devistators marines. With the points, I'd max that squad of 7 and make it 10 and with the points left over add that dread drop pod.
As I have no codex with me, ican't be for sure but I know you've got a few points left over for other goodies.....I'd also dump those plasma guns for melta's in those pods.
This army should be pretty darn fast...with some decent shooting.
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