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My list (against Tau):
-10 Dire Avengers with shooty exarch and Bladestorm (x2)
-Farseer with Doom and Runes or Warding
-Farseer with Doom
-Waveserpent with EML's and Spirit Stones (X2) [for Avengers]
-6 Fire Dragons with exarch
-Waveserpent with Shuri. Cannons, an under-slung Shuri. Cannon and spirit stones [for Dragons]
-7 Warp Spiders with exarch and extra spinner
-5 Pathfinders
-8 Striking Scorpions with exarch, infiltrate, and a claw
-Wraithlord with EML and Brightlance

Tau list (I think):
-Commander with pods and plasma
-3 Crisis Suits with pods and plasma (x2)
-8 Pathfinders
-8 Pulsecarbine Fire Warriors
-Devilfish with some field (cover save) and pods [for Fire Warriors]
-10 Kroot and 5 Kroot hounds infiltrating (x2)
-Hammerhead (x3)

The game where pitched battles with 2 objectives. We tried changing up the game type for the second game but rolled 3 3's in a row and accepted our fate.

Deployment: Tau gets first and takes it. His deployment is a bunker of 2 Hammerheads and the Devilfish with suits behind the tanks (the commander is here) close to his objective. The other suits are in a building close to the right table edge. The last Hammerhead is on the other side of the board by itself. Infiltrating kroot go in a forest (one of two between out objectives) and the other squad of kroot spreads out along his bunker formations flank to prevent flanking from my scorpions.

The field had very little cover and I decided to try starting my whole army in reserves except the Pathfinders who take cover in a building near the objective and the Wraithlord who starts behind the same building. The Scorpions flank. Very defensive strategy.

Top of 1: Tau moves up to get some shots at my 2 units on the board. One squad of suits does its jump-pack peek-a-boo from its building while the other advances with the tanks. using them for cover. He is fairly confident in his position on the board and moves up more than most Tau I've seen.

In shooting he gets 5 markerlights on the pathfinders and kills 2. They pass their test.

Bottom of 1: I move my Wraithlord up to take a shot

Pathfinders shoot his suits near the tanks and cause a wound. The Wraithlord blows one of the center Hammerhead's turrets off

Top of 2: He moves up more. The infiltrating kroot don't move at all (waiting for my army I guess) and the rest gets ready to spring the objetive.

Shooting kills another pathfinder and sends them packing. The Wraithlord takes a wound from the other Hammerhead.

Bottom of 2: Fire Dragons, Scorpions, and Warp Spiders enter. The Spiders scatter onto his middle suits, roll a 4 on mishaps, and are places in a corner. The Scorpions come on from the wrong flank and only have a hammerhead to hunt (it moved 7). The Dragon's Waveserpent takes cover behind a building where the Hammerheads will have to come forward to get at it.

Wraithlord does nothing. Scorpions manage to score a Weapon destroyed on the hammerhead on the left flank. Waveserpent kills 2 kroot.

Top of 3: Tau continue to advance. The remaining Hammerhead in the middle takes the bait and moves up to fire of the Dragon's Serpent. The kroot don't move again. He forgets his Suits in the building and moves the others a little. The left flank's hammerhead tries to run from the Scorpions and kills 2 with pods.

The Dragon's Serpent is shaken (spirit stoned) and still most of his army does nothing (not even Markerlights)

Bottom of 3: The rest of the army (DA's in Waveserpents with Farseers) comes on and move 12 towards his bunker.I pursue the lone hammerhead with my scorpions, try to get my Spiders back into the game and move the Dragons up to slag the Hammerhead.

Hammerhead is penetrated 3 times but is left alive with no guns and immobilized.Tank and Wraithlord shooting kills some kroot, and a suit.

Top of 4: Nothing moves much for the Tau from this point on. He has an entire quarter (his left) secured well and just shifts for get targets.

Both Dire Avenger Waveserpents die to missle pods from the suits and Devilfish(Explode). 2 DA's die in one squad and 3 in the other. No pinning. The dragons are wiped out by the building peek-a-boo suits. 3 More Scorpions die as the left Hammerhead flees for its life

Bottom of 4: One DA squad embarks in the Dragon's Serpent and it runs for it. The other squad takes cover in the bottom floor of the building in which the Pathfinders had been.

Shooting does little as my right flank wilts and the left is left out to dry. The scorpions manage to stun the Hammerhead they've been chasing and get ready to wipe it next turn.

The rest of the battle was sort of a boring standoff. I had my objective camped by the 2 DA squads and he seemed hesitant to rush into Bladestorm. The Wraithlord was there and with 1 wound left continued to valiantly protect the objective and stun the Devilfish into uselessness. The spiders eventually got to his army and traded shots with the commander and his Crisis bodyguard. The kroot sat around mostly forgotted, holding his objective. The game ended with a draw and a very small casualty pile for my opponent.

Thoughts: As only my 3rd battle with my Mech Eldar and my first in a while I felt that I have a lot to learn about using this army. The deep-strike and flanking didn't work out very well and as a result there was no distractions from my Waveserpents even though they came in at the right time (kind of). A definite moral victory for the Tau empire.

Look for: My game against Tyranids right after.
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