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Ok so here goes I haven't played more than a single game since 5th addition came out. Yesterday I got to play my first 5th edition rules and discovered how brutal JotWW is. Here is the list I was running and why I chose to:


Lord 210 pts
Destroyer Body
Res orb
Gaze Of flame

The D-body was chosen for the movement and toughness so that my lord could keep up with and assault with my wraiths. As both the wraiths and the lord were meant as "counter" charge unit advancing with my main force I felt the additional WBB rolls granted to the warriors from S8 shooting and Wraiths from power weapons would be worth the points on the orb. While the gaze of Flame makes the occasional combat won more likely to result in eradication than locked in CC. Finally the Phylactery in my previous experience has served more a Psychological weapon than anything else. Nothing like pouring fire into my lord killing him only to have him stand up undamaged saying, "Told ya I'd be back!"

Fast attack

Wraith (3) 123pts

Serving as a "retinue" of sorts the wraiths are there to back up the lord with 12 attacks on the charge. I chose them over scarabs because again more the psychological effect of three invulnerable saves and multiple attacks.(My other option was to drop the wraiths and the Phylactery and the gaze in favor of several scarabs and the lightning field)

Destroyers (6) 300pts

Serving as mobile firing platforms used to rage out from the main phalanx and harry the enemy infantry, who doesn't love them. Deployed as 2 groups of three so an enemy can't quite focus fire them to death.


Warriors (20 ) 360pts

The warriors are the obligatory and mandated troop choice. Centered around a monolith and always near a lord with a res orb they are more often than not the target of high attacks in an attempt to force PO.

Heavy support

Heavy Destroyers (4) 260pts

The one reason i take HD's is not tanks. Its termies. Or honor guard in artificer Armour. I just wish i would have known that that 10 man squad had 2+ saves before I shot at the razor back!! Any way, deployed in two groups of 2 for the same reason as the regular destroyers.

Monolith 235pts

A beast and center piece of the army. March it up the middle and set in down amidst all of your opponents figures. To many necron warriors fail theit WBB well try it again! Lord in CC well pull out(somebody going to read pull out and shoot mountain dew out of their nose) and shoot (and probably again) and assault again(sorry no vulgar double entendres). Barring that the particle whip is wonderful for vehicles or for tightly bunched infantry.

Total 1488

Battle report: Didn't play the monolith as aggressively as I should have. Lost my lord and a wraith to JotWW and was WTFJCIH!!! Seriously.... JotWW can just remove all figures along a 24 inch line from the game based on an init roll not allowing saves of any kind or WBB. LAME. Planning to switch to a new list to deal with SW with Nadjal accompanied by Greyhunters running around in a rhino. Thinking of ditching the wraiths and monolith for destroyers and immortals and going the old veil shoot veil approach.

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Yup, Space Wolves hurt. Sorry about your loss.

Monoliths can be played very aggressively. There is very little beyond S10 weapons that can really threaten them and even then they're immune to half the Weapon Damage table, so go balls out with them.

The list? Yeah, it's okay. I normally prefer more Warriors, but that's mostly because my opponents tend to fold with mass Gauss fire. I've never really found Wraiths to be worth it, because they are still only T4 and will equally fold to mass Bolter fire. But if it works for you, go for it.

Scarabs would be nice, a great decoy unit and it can muster formiddable anti-tank deterrent if you load up on D. Fields.

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Alternate list

1 lord res orb+veil 200
10 Immortals 280
20 warriors 360
8 destroyers 400
4 HD's 260

Total 1500

Here is what Im considering running vs my origanal modified list

1 Dlord 205
Scythe, dbody, lightning, gaze, phylactery, chrono
7 scarabs w/disruption fields 140
6 destroyers 300
4 Heavy Destroyers 260
monolith 235
20 warriors 360
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