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I would drop the dreadnought and use the points to:

Give a drop pod to the 10 man tactical squad (counts as fast attack)
Add more snipers to scout squad
Upgrade tactical squad missile launcher to lascannon
Add 3 men to the devastator squad.
Add terminator honours to the chaplain

The drop pod alone will help the tactical squad immensely.

BTW, on squads that will be assaulting (like the big tactical squad), you should just have a meltagun. So drop the plasma and HB for just a meltagun.

Hmm, tactics, just charge the assault squads and chaplain at the enemy, use missiles and such to take out enemy units that will hurt the assault marines, use LSTs to attack 4+ save or worse units, deep-strike tactical squad w/ drop pod behind enemy lines to cut off their escape route fromt he assault marines. That's probably the best you can do.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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