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This was my third battle with the new skaven. This is from memory so it might not be precise.

My list:

Plauge Priest- Furnace, Censer, 2 Power stones. lvl 2. Rolled pestilent breath and whither
Plauge Priest- Flail, 2 scrolls. lvl 2. Rolled cloud of corruption and plauge.
Warlock Engineer- Warp energy condenser, pistol. lvl 2. rolled warp lightning and scortch

25 clanrats with an attatched poison wind mortar
25 clanrats with an attatched poison wind mortar
5x giant rats

10x gutter runners with poison
20x Plauge monks
2x rat ogres

My Opponent's List (again from memory, may not be 100% accurate):

Chaos Wizard, lvl 2 lore of nurgle, book of secrets (allowed him to also know a shadow spell)(may also have had the infernal puppet)
Chaos Wizard lvl 2 lore of nurgle
Exalted hero- Banner of the gods

15 Warriors, sheilds, mark of nurgle
15 Warriors, sheilds, mark of nurgle

5 Chaos knights, Blasted Standard, lore of Nurgle?

Terrain and deployment were like this on his side of the table from my left to my right:
(scouting) gutter runners, Forest, Knights, Warriors (with both wizards), Warriors (w/ bsb)

On my side from my left to my right:
Mortar, Clanrats (w/engineer) Plauge monks (w/ furnace) and 5 giant rats (in front of monks), Clanrats, mortar, forest, Rat Ogres.

I made a picture but I can't figure out how to upload it. :freaked-out:

My opponent won the roll for first turn

Chaos Turn 1:

Movement: Everything marches forward.

Magic- My opponent attempts to cast stuff but is shut down by dispellage.

Shooting: ...

Combat: none yet.

Skaven Turn 1:

Movement: The gutter runners march through the woods and are about 9 inches behind the knights. Clanrats on the left back up a bit because they don't want to be charged by chaos knights. Giant rat screeen marches strait forward and plauge monks advance a bit. Clanrats on the right advance cautiously. Rat Ogres quickly advance up the right flank.

Magic: I attempt to cast spells. Engineer gets off a warp lightining, killing a knight.

Shooting: Poison wind mortars miss.

Combat: none

Chaos Turn 2:

Movement: Knights march right up into the face of the left clanrats. Both units of Warriors move up, do not take the obvious bait of the giant rats.

Magic: Dispelled.

Combat: none

Skaven Turn 2:

Movement: Gutter runners move toward the wizards' warrior unit. Warlock Engineer abandons the unit of clanrats too their impending grisly deaths and the hands of the chaos knights. The giant rats fail their terror test (from banner of the gods) and never rally. Plauge monks are out of charge range, so they just advance. Right clanrats also advance. The Rat Ogres position themselves to charge next turn.

Magic: My opponent dispells wither. Engineer casts warp lightning, killing annother knight. Plauge priest #2 casts plauge on the bsb unit, killing 5. The plauge then jumps to his other warrior unit, killing 10!

Shooting- Gutter runners throw stars. no kills. engineer tries to pistol the knights. missed. one of the poison wind mortars lands on his Bsb unit, killing 3. The furnace does its reversed breath weapon, doing a wound to his wizard somehow...

Combat: still none

Chaos Turn 3:

Movement: The knights charge the clanrats. The Wizard unit decides to charge the monks/furnace. The bsb unit reforms to face the rat ogres. ironically, this moves the bsb more than 6 inches away from (whats left of) the other warrior unit, and they become un-stubborn.

Magic: One of the wizards casts regeneration on the bsb unit. everything else is dispelled.

Combat: The knights ub3rpwn the clanrats, and pursue them off the table. The plauge furnace does its thing and after combat, he has like one wizard w/ one wound left, who flees and is run down.

Skaven Turn 3:

Movement: The Remaining unit of warriors is flank charged by clanrats, rear charged by gutter runners, and frontal charged by rat ogres. The plauge monks are out of arc.

Magic and shooting had no targets.

In combat, the combined skaven forces barely won, and the warriors held with a stubborn ld 8 (banner of the gods).

Chaos turn 4:
The 3 knights come back on the table, refreshed after drinking the blood of 25 clanrats. In combat the rats win again barely, and the warriors pass their stubborn.

Skaven turn 5
The Plauge monks are sad, as they realize there is no chance of seeing combat again this game. :crying:. Magic doesnt really happen, because of a mistcast or something. The Poison wind mortars both shoot at the knights. One lands on target, and does 3 wounds! He makes 3 ward saves. Stupid blasted standard... The other misfires, going wildly off target and hitting my warlock engineer, and wounding him. :doh: .

Combat saw a push.

Chaos Turn 6
Knights vainly chase after the engineer to no avail.
Combat ends in a push again...

Skaven turn 6
More warp lightning flies at the knights, but no kills. Poison wind mortars miss. One of them scatters onto my warlock engineer, killing him XD.
In combat, the warriors decide to kick a$$ and win combat. Rat ogres were destroyed, and tthe gutter runners and clanrats fled.

When we counted up points, it was a tie, the difference in victory points was like 7 or 9. Very close game indeed.

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Nice game and interesting to see how the new Skaven perform. Unlucky with the Plague Mortars, these can be deadly... :qq:

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It seems like your final turn was clutch for him. You killing your warplock engineer (like any respectable skaven player should!) and then his warriors breaking gutter runners and rats. That clan pestilen stuff can be mean for chaos, especially if you go the tin can build like he did, but I feel mark of nurgle should make them resistant to it! Overall fun read thanks for posting it.

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I just fought the skaven in a 500 point war band. He spent all his points on slaves. now not knowing this my questing knights broke thewm then blew up. the skaven are hard to beat but even harder when their in the hands of a player who knows how to use them. And i think that you showed that here. Nice job:)
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