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this is the first time i've ever done this and i really don't know how to proceed

i've been asked to participate in a sort of games day when the store invites the newbs to learn the finer points of armylist building, modeling and gaming with my job falling in the gaming category

so how to teach the guys how to play properly without grinding them into chum... hence this list was born it looks reasonably soft on paper (but not too soft if they just steamroll me they won't learn nuthin) and has a bit of every thing from the different types of weapons/vehicles to psychick powers with a decent showing in cc

without further adue'

oh the reason for the post is i'm still not sure in what part of the spectrem the army is i need other input as to whether the list should be toned or beefed


lord with brazier of flame, power weapon, divine pronouncment, psychic hood, 3 acolytes, mancatchers, carapace, 2 crusaders, 1 flamer weilding warrior, 2 chirgeons, 1 familiar

;- 254


2 X 3 dca's

;- 240

1 eversor

;- 95

fast attack-

sentinel armageddon pattern with hk missle and extra armour X 2

;- 140

5 rough riders, lances, vet with honorifica imperialous

;- 86

heavy support-

melta strike

;- 80


2 X 10 battle sisters with flamer, heavy flamer and vet stickin with bolter

;- 284

2 X armoured fist squads with heavy bolters, flamers mounted in a chimera with multilaser and extra armour each

;- 322



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For your purpose i believe it will do perfectly. i believe every type of shooting weapon is applied to the list (metla strike = ordnance = nice). Also it has a WIDE variety of different rules that aren't extremly common but will be around in some games, I.E. infiltrate on the DCAs.

Also because its going to be used as a teaching list, it is not overly competetive looking. No monsterous unbeatable tanks were taken.

Overall i like it for the purpose you are trying to accomplish. A+
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