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[1500] TOURNAMENT: speed freaks VS regular ork codex(also speed ;-))

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Hi boyz ! I would like you to comment the following two army list.
The first is based in "regular ork codex" and the later in "Speed freak rules". As you will notis, both army list are fast and aggresive. That is the way I like to play ;-)

It would be nice whether you can answer the followinfg questions:

1- Which one do you prefer ?
2- How can I improved them ?


Ciborks(183 points): 9 cibork + doktor + truck(rokkit+red paint)
Nobs (310 points): 5 nobs + 1 pK + KFF + 3 groots + truck(rokkit+red paint) + waag banner + Warboss(chopa,slugga)
Stormboyz (297 points): 16 boyz + nob + pk + big horns
Stormboyz (297 points): 16 boyz + nob + pk + big horns
Burnaz(122 points): 9 boyz + 2 burnaz + KFF
Burnaz(131 points): 10 boyz+ 2 burnaz + KFF
4 Buggies rokkit(160 points)

REMARK: The burna boyz may look like non-according units because all the other units are fast attack. They have a couple of reason to be there:
1- To protect the 1st and 2nd turn stormboyz with the KFF. Note that you can move the maximun with stormboyz(twice normal movement) and still be under cover if you move as well the burnaz(normal movement) because we have an extra distance from the KFF !!! We assault in the 2 turn with these boyz !!!
2- They can control squares (and so get points !) and protect our deployment region, and thus avoiding the enemy to get points becasue, for instace, we had no units there.(torunament misions)


Nobs (312 points): 5 nobs + 1 pK + KFF + 3 groots + truck(groot,rokkit+red paint) + waag banner + Warboss(chopa,slugga)
Skarboyz (206 points): 9 boyz + nob + pk + big horns + 2 burnaz + truck(groot,redpaint, rokkit)
Skarboyz (206 points): 9 boyz + nob + pk + big horns + 2 burnaz + truck(groot,redpaint, rokkit)
Stormboyz(342 points): 19 boyz + nob + pk + big horns
Burnaz(183): 9 boyz + mek + KFF + 4 burnaz + truck(groot,redpaint, rokkit)
6 buggies rokkit(252 )
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I prefer the freek list, but it can be improved, for that list you should drop the nobz altogether, have the boss ridde with a skarboy unit, use his trukk to catch strays, and get another burna squad, a fighta bommaz raid (they kick a$$) and give your warboos some survivanility
Thanks for your comments.

Note that

1) it is ONLY allowed 1 burna squad in speed freaks !

2) Including the warboss in the skarboyz truck is a real problem. In OMEGA level, we have to roll indepentdently for the skarboyz unit and the warboss, so it happens often that the warboos has to start alone (and by foot) if both slots do not appear at the same time. So we would have to include only 9 models iun each truck to ensure that the warboss will not fight alone ;-). Do you recoment that?

Why dont you like the nob unit ? The I6 assaulting is really welcome against specific CaC units. Also you have 17 wounds in one truck !

According to the fact that we can not include another burna unit, what do you recomend to me ?

Any feed back is really welcome,
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really, only one squad, I thought it was 2 like in the codex, also the nob squad is too expensive for 1500 points, and will get wiped out by heavy flamers and a callidus could wipe out all of themm easily. Also, I am pretty sure that omega is not allowed in tournaments, so the warboss is good with the skarboyz, if you can't take the burnaz take a tankbusta squad and a trukkboy squad, good luck
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