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My first list on here, and it was only the 2nd tourny I played in.

HQ- phoenix lord
Jain Zar = 190
executioner, Triske, banshee mask, war shout, acrobat, Furious charge

9 Howling banshees, exarch w/ mirror swords = 182
Wave serpent, stones, vected engines, TLBL = 160

9 Striking scorpians, exarch w/ biting blade and infiltrate = 197

10 Guardians w/ EML = 100

Troop -
10 Guardians w/ EML = 100

Heavy -
4 Dark reapers w/ exarch, EML, fast shot = 217

Heavy -
4 Dark Reapers w/ exarch, EML, fast shot = 217

Heavy -
Wraithlord w/ sword and star cannon = 130

Total = 1493

Just used this army in the Rouge trader tourny i was in today. It did really well, better then i expected it to. Placed the Reapers on the sides for fire support, have jain zar and the banshees furious charge stuff out of the wave serpent usualy on turn 2, nothing was ever left after those guys. Then also have the striking scorpians tie stuff up with infitrate. Guardians were just there as cannon fodder.

next tourny going to be 1850, so i can use suggestions on what to add too.

The Fallen
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with more points on the field you are going to face a gear shifts,
firstly more tanks, and you are light on AT stuff, I would re-equip that WL anyway and go for BL and EML, beyind that look to add some tank killing points

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Just to let you guys know, here is what i have

Pheonix lords, Karendras, Mugen Ra, and Jain Zar
A farseer
6 Warlocks

Harliquins w/ shadow Seer
Striking scorpians w/ exarch
5 wraithguard
howling banshees w/ exarch and mirror swords

6 Pathfinders
around 40 guardians w/ platforms
5 dire avengers
7 jetbikes (can be used as shining spears)

Fast -
Warp spyders w/ exarch
3 vypers

2 wraithlords
2 weapon platforms
1 falcon w/ BL
2 war walkers
2 squads of dark reapers w/ exarch

1 Wave serpent w/ TLBL
1 wave serpent
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