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I am working on a Chaos list structured around the idea of a number of warbands gathering under the banner of the HQ unit. So really different paint schemes per unit with some unifying feature.

The aim is to make the list balanced enough to take on any army, while being more focused on CC than shooting. (I already have a Necron army that mostly shoots with some CC, so looking for a different feel).

My current list is below. It has won (cardboard commando style) a couple of scenario games against Eldar, but I am struggling with the HQ choice and keep toying with swapping the Beserkers out for some Havocs (alternative thoughts after list). Against the Eldar, the Raptors and the Termies were a stand out. Wraithlord and Avatar were a pain. That said, I will be playing more than just Eldar.

Tactics are to occupy key positions with the rhino'd CSMs. Beserkers, Raptors and Daemon wreak havoc on infantry, along with dakka predator. Terminators teleport in on an Icon for a bit of tank killing or wet work. CSM, Raptors and Terminator pack meltas or plasmas for close up anti-armour.

Oh - and I like ground pounders (infantry). :)

The list at the moment:
1503 pts

Daemon Prince - 155
Wings, MoS, Lash

5x Terminators - 225
IoK, pair Lightning Claws, Heavy Flamer, 3 combi-weapons, chainfist

10x CSM - 265
IoCG, 2x plasma, AC, AC power fist, rhino

10x CSM - 255
IoCG, 2x meltaguns, AC, AC power fist, rhino

8x Khorne Beserkers - 238
SC, SC power weapon, personal icon, rhino

Fast Attack
8x Raptors - 250
IoK, AC, AC - lightning claws, 2x meltaguns

Heavy Support
1x "Dakka" Predator - 115
heavy bolter sponsons, havoc

Some alternatives I have considered:

Swapping the daemon lord for:
Chaos Lord - 150
MoS, Terminator armour, daemon weapon

or possibly:
Chaos Sorceror - 150
MoS, Terminator, Winds of Chaos

After that I have considered dropping the Beserkers in favour Havocs to get some long range anti-armour, but that seems to heading in a shooty direction.
8x Havocs - 230
2x Lascannon, 2x Missile Launcher

All I have so far for models is two boxes of CSMs.

What's the consensus? :)

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The daemon prince is good. Don't swap it for the other HQ options because commanders in terminator armor aren't mobile enough - they cannot deepstrike with the terminator squad.

Chaos marine squads look good. The rhinos could use extra armor.

Consider swapping the lightning claws on the raptors to a power fist. It is more versatile and just as good at killing.

Possibly change the dakka predator for a lascannon predator for your long range anti-tank without messing with the theme of your army.

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Thanks for the feedback. :)

I was a bit concerned about the mobility of the Terminator HQs. I didn't know that they cannot teleport in with the Termies - missed that somewhere.

I'll have to consider the lascannon pred again - I have included it before. Maybe you're right - I have enough anti-infantry...
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