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[1500] Weird.

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90 5xCSM 1xLascannon
90 5xCSM 1xLascannon
90 5xCSM 1xLascannon
210 3xRhino 3xWarp Amp

Heavy Support.
180 3x Obliterators
240 6xNoise Marines 3xBlastmasters
240 6xNoise Marines 3xBlastmasters

Fast Attack.
90 6xBeasts
90 6xBeasts

180 Lord/Prince?

The straightforward idea is to charge Rhinos into the fray breaking up things with Tank Shocks, then following it up with Blastmaster pinning attacks. I think there should be better ways to arrange this, though. For 180 points of lord, something Shooty would fit, or using Siren to get behind the wrecked Rhinos and summon in Beasts. Beasts are really suboptimal, but I've used up all my troop choices and can't pull of Daemonettes and still use the core of the idea. (Tank Shock + Pinning)

Las on Marines to perform multiple roles and gang up on tanks if pinning is going on fairly well. Oblits serve any role I want and might be higher priority targets than the Blastmasters.

46 Models, and not really sure how to put together the Lord. I'm greatful for any ideas to take advantage of the Tank Shock + Pinning idea!
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Thats not a bad list, but your CSM squads are really underpowered, they would be much better being 10 strong.

Your tank shock idea is good, but with rhinos is generally doesn't work, rhinos are terribly weak now and chances are they will die before they do anything.

As your list is mainly shooty I would take a LT. instead of a lord or prince, that way he can be kept cheap and be there to provide a little extra muscle for the squads.
Isn't the limit 1x blasmaster per squad? The blastmaster replaces an autocannon, which is a heavy weapon, which you can only have one of in each squad!?
No. You just have to replace an Autocannon for it.
But you can only have one autocannon per squad, so how can you replace one with three?
Mutuus said:
But you can only have one autocannon per squad, so how can you replace one with three?
Notice that they're under the "Heavy Support" heading. They are Havocs.
.......Oh my god......I didn't notice that.....I feel so stupid right now :(......for some reason I thought that was under the troops section......oh geez.......forget my above post
Oh man, now I feel stupid. =(
I thought about doing a list a lot like this once. I decided not to for this reason:
This will tear up the moral of an opponent, breaking them, pinning them, and keeping them from effectivly fighting back.
BUT (there is always a but.)
The moment you go up against a fearless opponent you're in a world of hurt. You're not in automatic loose zone, but you are at a disadvantage.
I like to design lists to be able to take all commers. This I feel makes for more balanced and fluffy lists.
I tend to dislike space marine boo lists for the same reason. (fear of the dark)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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