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Take the flamers off of your Elites, its one of the most pointless things you can mount on a crisis unless you face horde heavy armies and even then I wouldn't use em. Fire Knives and Helios loadouts are about the best way to go. Load your crisis out for taking down the enemies good troops, leave the horde slaughtering to your FW's, they're good at it.

Find some points to make your single Elite crisis suits each team leaders, then give them TL plasma or Missle Pods and a HW Multitracker.

Personnally I wouldn't bond or use photon gernades on your mounted FW's. The points could be put to better use elsewhere. Besides, a 12 man mounted FW squad already costs 17.5 points apiece (transport included in points), bonding and putting photon gernades on them puts them into the land of rediculousness.
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