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I'm due to play two vs three with two Necron armies, both at 1500pt versus two 1000pt Chaos armies and either Dark Eldar, another army of Chaos or IG (not sure which as we don't always declare the armies being played).
Generally, my army holds it own but I'm not sure in this instance as I haven't played against Chaos and they generally beat me with other armies (I've played against them as SM, Eldar, Daemonhunters).

Currently I'm using:
Necron Lord
+Destroyer Body
+Res Orb
+Disruption Field
Two units of 4x Destroyers
One Tomb Spider
38 Warriors split into two units, all with disruption fields

If memory serves, that's bang on 1500.

I have available in my half:
12 Destroyers
38 Warriors
4 Heavy Destroyers
10 Pariahs
10 Immortals
1 Tomb Spider
3 Wraiths
1 Necron Lord model with destroyer body & Res Orb
1 Necron Lord model with Warscythe
About 10 Scarabs

My ally usually takes (though I can't recall numbers):
1 Necron Lord
+Destoyer Body
+Res Orb
+Gaze of Flame
1 Necron Lord
+Res Orb
2 units of Warriors
1 Monolith
2 units of Destoyers (I think 3 Destoyers per unit)
1 unit of Heavy Destroyers (3 I think)
1 Monolith
3 Wraiths
1 unit of scarabs to make up points

Against Chaos I usually face 3 Obliterators, 1 Dreadnought, 1 multi-legged walker (the name of which escapes me) and the rest varies.

My ally can quite happily borrow any of my units that I have spare but does anyone have any tweak recommendations?

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Well if he doesn't use the psychic power Lash of Submission, a C'Tan might be a big headache for him. Even Oblits are wounding on a 3+ which isn't good.

Monoliths are a big win against Chaos, they can't kill them except with Vindicators. I'd use at least 2 and dump them in the middle of his army, firing away and laughing.

Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers are very important to stop his armor. Hide them if you can and than move them out and blow stuff up. Destroyers will be okay on Rhinos, Heavy Destroyers need to kill Ordnance (Defilers, Vindicators) than Rhinos or other armor and than MCs.

Your Lord is a decent fighter vs his army, get it into CC with armor if you can but don't fear a Prince. I might take a Phase Shifter for this fight, Fields are pretty crap on a Warscythe model against anyone.

You want a Lord with Veil of Darkness too if you can get one. He's going to get close with something nasty and you'll want to get out of there.

Lastly, don't skimp on Troops. Destroyers, HeavyD's, Lords and Warriors should be your infantry. Pariahs, Immortals etc. won't do much to him so leave them behind. Once you have a good Phase Out number, get a Monolith or two and go to town.
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