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I recently finished putting this army together... It's gone through a few different incarnations, but this is what I've been using recently. I know it still needs some work, as I have yet to win a game, but I'm looking for advice on what units to add/subtract, and maybe some hints on tactics!

Master 171
Artificer Armor (20)
Master-Crafted Power Glaive (30)
Iron Halo (25)
Terminator Honors (15)
Bolt Pistol (1)
Purity Seals (5)

Dreadnaught 115
Missile Launcher

Terminator Squad (5) 270
Veteran Sgt w/M.C. Storm Bolter 30
Cyclone Missile Launcher 20

Tactical Squad (5) 148
Veteran Sgt. w/Combi-Melta
Melta Gun 10
True Grit/Counterattack 18
Teleport Homer 5

Tactical Squad (5) 93

Tactical Squad (5) 110
Veteran Sgt.w/Plas.Pistol
Plasma Gun 10
Plasma Gun 10
Razorback w/ S.Bltr. 80

Scout Squad (5) 85
4x Sniper Rifle 20
Teleport Homer 5

Heavy Support
Predator Annihilator 140
Heavy Bolters 20

Land Raider 278
Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter
Hunter-Killer Missile
Smoke Launchers

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Okay a couple things. First your paying an extra 10 pts. for your predator. second a five man tactical squad plain would be 75 don;t know where you got 93. Cyclone missel launchers are 25 not 20. The scout squad is 103 pts because you have to also have termie honors to get the teleport homer.and your still paying to many points for the termies.
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