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1500pt Sob

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I have some problem to spend ... point ...

I take:


Blessed weapon
Cloak of St Aspira
Cloak of St Ophelia
Jump pack

Cloak of St Ophelia or St Ophelia (I don't remeber which give 2+ save)
Jump pack



Inquisitor with 3 gun servitor with HB


10 SOB
2 melta

5 Stormtroopers
2 plasma


5 Seraphim
2 twin pistol


Exorcist 135
Exorcist 135

8 retributors with 4HB

TOTAL : 1299
36 models
3 ve
7 faith

I have to spend 201 point ????

I have tried:
Arcoflaggelants but died before to CC and priest is useless
Repetentia but died before before before to CC

3 Assasin ( ????? useless )

Another Inquisitor with HB ( not bad but foreseeable)
Another squad of rhino sob ( not bad but foreseeable)
A strong squad of seraphim ( not bad but foreseeable)
A squad of domnation ( not bad but foreseeable)

Any ideas???

terminators of DH???

I'd like something that can change the battle like callidus (Unforeseeable)!
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Cloak of St Ophelia or St Ophelia (I don't remeber which give 2+ save
i think u mean aspira also drop ophelia from first cannoness.

201 points easy in crease the numbers in ur squads and get a 2cnd sister squad.
maybe drop seraphim and get vet upgrades for everything and a domminion squad withflamers in an immolater .

the biggest thing is ya don't have enough flame, must must must get more flame it aint a wh army if ur not burning things.

in closing ur list needs alot of work maybe a total re-do is in order.

Drop Ophelia cloak? My cannones so can be destroy with a lascannon shoot and 1 in a roll...

All squads have veteran upgrades!
In my opinion Seraphim is the best unit of SOB , in the last battle destroy a predator e
a a devastator squad (Y)

I love flame with DG but it is so difficult to use!!!

Can you tell me how to be effective??? Rhino ???

Plague_00 said:
in closing ur list needs alot of work maybe a total re-do is in order.
(this list with another Inquisitor (in Rhino with 3 melta) win against iron warrior,space marine and tyrannid
, lose against alaitoc ... Its not too bad , believe me)
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yeah ur heavy is good, seraphims are debatable but as much as i like the models i find domminions to be a better and more cost effective unit, troops need mucho work, elites is okay but in a wh army i beleive the vindicare is a better choice, as for ur hq's ya should never spend more than 110 points on a canoness no matter her configuration and trust me if ur opponent is firing lascannons at ur lone cannoness then you have already lost.
i think i would go for 10 more sisters in rhino /w melta, heavy flammer.

sisters getting out of a transport and firing at close range with divine guidance are just godlike.
drop your =][=. all in all hes not doing much for that much good. I know on paper an assassin looks good, but its simply too much of a points sink.

Anyways, onto your list

1.) I like both your canoness', only thing in drop the mantle of ophelia on the first one. it wont be needed. Otherwise, A+ on your HQ.

2.) ELITES.... as i mentioned be4, thats really not worth over 200 of yur armies points. Sure the callidus is guaranteed to get into cc, but she dies just as easy as a scout. elites aren't really needed with SoB. If you really want cc support in this army, go for a 10 man grey knight squad with no upgrades. GOod deal at 275pts, and also gives plenty of support fire as well as cc power.

3.) TROOPS. YOu simply need more Battle sisters in rhinos. Stick with the squad you have but include each veteran with either a brazier of fire or a power weapon. Rhino needs at least smoke launchers. Take two more squads but with 2 flamers plus a veteran with a brazier.

4.) FAST ATTACK: 5 seraphim simply isn't enough. go with an 8 man squad with 2 sets of hand flamers. Trust me, inferno's arent worth it. if you want them to be AT go with an eviscerator equipped veteran... much better.

5.) Heavy support looks fine

And to answer your question about getting into DG flamer range... the answer is seraphim. Fast moving, hit and run, plus two flamer templates (more if you have a veteran with a brazier)
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I understand but I haven't enough point for all!!!!

put 2 Rhino with sob
1 Rhino with domination
3 Seraphim eviscerator...

== 600 point

I must choise!

Now redoing the list I have only 350/400 point

Last question !!! How many sister in your opinion a list must have?
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You are way way way low on troops, in any sort of balanced army, the tourney scoring rules are a good guide, troops > 40% of total points, in this case, 600+ points should be troops, here you spent less than half that, I would add at least another sisters rhino squad.

Then you need to consider how you use stuff, rhinos should come with compulsory extra armour and smoke, the assassin and inq should go, ou need to think about VSS and imagifiers and wargear for the VSS.
Personnaly I would drop the size of the ret squad to 6 and give them an immolator which will obviouslty opperate independantly on the field
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