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Hello everyone.

I have decided to play some space wolves. My army history consists of Ravenwing, Bad Moon Orks, and Deathguard. So thought about some close combat this time. This is my first attempt at space wolves so let me know what you think.

Venerable Dreadnought
Assault Cannon, Extra Armor, Drop Pod (190)

Wolf Priest
Healing Potions, Bolter, Wolf Pelt (124)

Wolf Scout x 5
Plasma Pistol x 2, Melta Gun (105)
Wolf Guard, P-Weapon, Wolf Tooth, Pelt (53)

Grey Hunters (w/ bolters) x 8
Power Weapon x 2, Melta Gun, Drop Pod (204)

Grey Hunters (w/ bolters) x 7
Power Fist x 2, Plasma Gun, (168)
Rhino w/ Extra Armor & Smoke (58)

Grey Hunters (w/ bolters) x 8
Power Fist x 2, Plasma Gun, (168)
Rhino w/ Extra Armor & Smoke (58)

Blood Claw x 15
Power Fist x 2
Guard w/ L-Claws, Tooth, Pelt (297)

Land Speeder w/ Assault Cannon (80)

If terrain permits Speeder to hide it will start in deployment zone. If not and DS rules are in it will DS. Rhinos (w/ GHs inside) drive forward and turn back to back on each other. Giving a metal wall to hide BCs behind. Wolf Priest is with BC to boost their LD, unit size, another PW, and provide control. Venerable drops in with GH drop pod for support. Scouts appear via OBEL for tank hunting. WGPL w/ scouts is to give them some CC ability, plus once dropped Venerable and GHs are in play will move along with them as support.

Basically my army consists of two separate attack patterns (kind of fluffy if you ask me with how we get our HQs, like two leaders teaming up to defeat a common enemy.) One group (Priest, BCs, 2 Rhino GHs) is moving up the field via rhinos or behind rhinos. The other appears behind enemy lines via pods or OBEL (Venerable, GHs, Scouts). An then there is the speeder which takes pop shots as it goes.

So with that in mind. Can anyone point out faults in my list and or tactics to aid me in making Space wolves one of my better lists.

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welcome to Space Wolves!
here we go!

Venerable Dreadnought is ok, although we here like to give him smoke launchers as well.

Your Wolf Priest would be far better of with a bolt Pistol so he gets the extra attack on the charge (what he will be doing, or he wouldn't be with blood claws)

You overdone the scouts. 5 scouts with meltagun+1plasmapistol is enough against tanks and infantry. The WGPL would be better of like this: Powerfist, bolt pistol (or a combi-melta), pelt. The WTN is for really heavy hitters, like Wolf Guard with powerfists, because agaisnt infantry your killing chances per blow will be 55% per attack. THAT is how you make points back, a WTN+powerweapon combi will have a killing chance per attack of 33%. So that is 1 on 2 dead opponents, or 1 on 3? For 5 points more, it will be much better.

Droppod/Grey Hunters are ok, although 2 more Grey Hunters would be best, and maybe an upgrade to Powerfists. If you go on the meltagun tour, you might as well just get them bolt pistols so they do a shoot/charge.

Rhino/Grey Hunters are ok although you might give them an equal number of models.

Give your Blood CLaws a third powerfist, because you can (and it is so cool). I like to see full Blood Claw squads, but maybe you are better of stiffing these guys in a rhino as 8 BC, Wolf Guard, Wolf Priest. Since that matches the driving piece of the army, and you can get to CC faster. Although I really like those full squads, them being slow issn't as your army's speed.

Speeder is ok btw, but you might drop it in favor of upgrades more marines.
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