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1500pt troop-heavy list

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Hi all

This is an attempt to get as many marine boots on the ground as possible. I have gone with a full complement of tactical squads (6), a full-strength devastator squad, and some support elements.

This may horrify some people, but I would be fascinated by any feedback you can give. I have been long taken by a tactics article that dates back to 1999 about tactical squads being the key to victory, and being versitile. So here goes:

HQ: Master commander in Termie Armour with twin lightning claws, asupex, bionics, purity seals: 142

Venerable dreadnaut w AC and HF. 135

10-strong Tac squad w HB, MG 165

10-strong Tac squad w HB, FL 161

10-strong Tac squad w HB 155

10-strong Tac squad w LC 165

10-strong Tac squad w ML 160

10-strong Tac squad w PC 160

Heavy Support

10-strong Dev squad w ML 170

Whirlwind 85

TOTAL: 1498
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Ok, right away, all your problems can be fixed by reading the tacticas int he articles section, particularly the tactical squad one.
This would be extremly ineffective as you will have a lot of points that are just sitting there for the majority of the battle just shining their bolters or you have the heavy weapons not being used so yeah you have options but they come at the cost of efficiency.
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