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My list is below, it seams to be doing quiet well, but is there anythink I could do to make it even better?
I don't take any trails.

1500 PTS

-Power sword
-Bolt Pistol

-Missile launcher

8 man Assault Terminator Squad=348
-Lightning ClawsX6
-Thunder HammersX2
-Furious chargeX8
Land Raider Crusader=265

5 man Marine SquadX2=205
-Plasma cannon
-Plasma gun X2

Fast Attack
3 Attack Bikes=195

Heavy Support
10 man Devastator Squad=290
-Plasma cannonX4


I take a lot of heavy weapons because i often play niddzilla.
Please positive critasism.

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Swap the plasma cannons for missile launchers and increase the size of your tactical squads. I would drop the plasma cannon from the second squad and take a second
las-cannon to give you better anti-tank.

In regards to the dreadnought give it a twin linked las-cannon and take venerable to improve its chances of surviving the battle. 8Y

JvK :happy:

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Yeah, most of your army's points are eaten up by the termies. Thats a huge risk you're playing with by putting an uber expensive unit in a land raider because every single heavy weapon is going to aim at that juicy target and if the land raider gets destroyed, the terminators are going to be slogging across the board the whole game. I'd say drop 3 termies and take out furious charge. Get your tactical squads to 10 men each to give you a good fire base. Then i suggest getting a cheap 5 man assault squad to hold any fast moving flankers and lock them in close combat. also consider giving the unit a flamer or two to give it more staying power against large numbers. Then i suggest you give your master either terminator armor to go with the termies or a jump pack to go with the assault squad as a bodyguard. Hope this helps you out.:happy:
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