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Overall I like the second list better but I would add a few changes.

The Chaplain is the better choice for the HQ

Use the Dread with the assault cannon, but don't deepstrike. You will need all those juicy shots ASAP

The close assault crusader squads look good.

Don't bother with "mini devastator" squads. You need those extra bodies up front in the assault. Crusaders aren't the best assault troops in the game so you need large numbers going forward. You have 38 men I would go for 14 /8/8/8 all with BP/CC and the Meltagun / Powerfist combo.

I would prefer the assault squad over the bikes.

Landspeeders should have the AC/HB combo. The predator is good. They are both solid choices.

When you put the LRC together I would put the 12 man crusader squad in there with the Champion and maybe drop the speeder + Predator.
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