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1500pts Imperial Fist Army

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Imperial Fist Army @ 1500pts Non-Tournament

This is a little something I just came up with, for friendly games. Any feedback, and constructive criticsm is welcome.

One thing I'm considering is cutting back on all the unnescesary upgrades in order to get a Machine Spirit on the Vindicator.


1. Captain with Power Axe and Plasma Pistol @ 90pts

2. Chaplain Reclusiarch with Plasma pistol @ 100pts


1. 5 man Terminator Squad with 1 Assault Cannon and 1 Cyclone Missile Launcher @ 245pts
2. Dreadnought with Assault Cannon @ 105pts


1. 10 man Tactical Squad with 1 Missile Launcher, and 1 Plasma Gun @ 170pts

2. 10 man Tactical Squad with 1 Missile Launcher, and 1 Plasma Gun @ 170pts

3. 5 man Scout Squad, Sergeant has Terminator Honours and a Teleport Homer @ 83 pts

Fast Attack.

1. 5 man Assault Squad @ 110pts

2. Landspeeder Squadron with 2 Heavy Bolters and 1 Multi Melta @ 165 pts

Heavy Support.

1. Vindicator with Extra Armour, Searchlight and Smoke Launchers @ 134pts

2. Predator Destructor with Lascannon upgrade, and Smoke Launchers @ 128pts

Total: 1500pts
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why not try assault bikers instead of landspeeders? seeing as the weapons you gave them also can be used by assault bikers you would also get extra stuff like 9 attacks on the charge, the turbo boost and inv save plus they are two wounds apiece?
You don’t need 2 HQ’s. Get rid of the captain and use the points to upgrade your chaplain to this.
Master of sanctity- terminator honours- Boltpistol- frags- artificer armour- 137. and bcoz you have an assult squad that he can join, give him a jump pack too. -157
This gives you a 3 wound characted with a 2+ save. 4+ invulnerable save, & 5 attacks Which ignore armour saves in Close combat. Not to mention re-rolling failed rolls to hit when charging. Which with an assult squad would be around 20 dice ;)
Use 30 of the remaining 43 points to give one of those Speeders w/ heavy bolter an Assult cannon. Drop 1 marine from the tac squad and drop the searchlight. This will give enough to give the second landspeeder an assult cannon too.

Good luck
Thank you very much for your feedback. I'll be using elements from both of your posts to improve the army! Thank's again.:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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