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1500 Pt SM list

Hi all
I'd love to get feedback on this list before a game I've got on saturday (a four way-3000pointer).

I have two concepts - a firebase block of troops who don't move, and provide longer range fire support, and an attack element to take it to the enemy.

Love to hear what you all think


Doctrines: one about making elites more Heavy supports, and uphold honour of emporer (6+ invulnerable saves for command squad). I have not picked the disadvantage yet.


(HS) 6-strong dev squad, 4 w bolters, 2 MLs 130

(HS) 6-strong dev squad, 3 w bolters, 3 HBs 135

(HS) 6 strong dev squad, 4 w bolters, 2 MMs 130

(HS) Whirlwind 85

(T) 5 strong scout squad, 4 SRs, sgt w BP + ccw 85

(T) 6 strong tactical squad, sgt, 3 SMs, LC 105


(HQ): Master commander w BP, power weapon, auspex, frag and krak
Grenades. Confers Ld 10 on force (Joins command squad) 96

(HQ) Cd squad 8 –strong. All w BP and ccw, 1 MG 130
In Rhino 50

(E) Dreadnaut w AC, HF 115

(FA) 4 bikes, 1 is sgt 128

(E) 6 strong Termiequad. 2 w Acs, sgt w twin lightning claws, 310
3 Termies w PF + SB

TOTAL: 1499

Analysis: 10 elements
2 troops, 4 heavy supports
2 elites, 2 HQ, 1 Fast attack

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A dev squad with 2 Multimeltas?..what are they going to do? apart from standing there out of range or getting shot trying to walk up close? If you want multimeltas take them on landspeeders. Dev squads are better off with ML's or lascannons.

change the dreads heavy flamer to a powerfist. you will either be shooting OR assulting. which means either way one of the weapons will be wasted every turn.
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