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I've been mainly playing space wolves recently but today I took a break from them and pulled out my Ravenguards.

My list:



Librarian - terminator armour, storm shield

10x Assault terminators - 3x LC's, 7x TH/SS

5x Scouts - power weapon
5x Scouts - power weapon
5x Scouts - camo cloaks, missile launcher

Land Speeder Storm - multi-melta
Land Speeder Storm - multi-melta


(not sure his exact upgrades)

Khorne lord - terminator armor, daemon weapon

4x Chaos terminators - chainfists, not sure what else
Dreadnought - TL-autocannon, missile launcher, extra armor

10x Berserkers
Rhino - havoc launcher, extra armor

10x CSM - icon chaos glory, power weapon, plasma pistol, melta, flamer
Rhino - havoc launcher, extra armor

10x CSM - mark of khorne (MoK), not sure what else
Rhino - havoc launcher, extra armor

5x Havocs - 2x heavy bolters, 2x missile launchers
Predator - trip-lascannons, daemonic possession
Land Raider - daemonic possession

Mission: Capture & Control
Deployment: Pitched battle
First Turn: I won the roll for 1st turn, but let him go first instead.

There wasn't much terrain - maybe only about 15% - a few area terrains, 1 small ruin in his deployment zone and another in the middle on the right edge of the board.

He deployed, from my left to right along his entire board:

Havocs....Predator....Rhino (Beserkers)....Dreadnought....Rhino (Chaos Glory)....Land Raider....Rhino (MoK)

He put his objective in area terrain in the middle of his deployment zone.

I deploy sniper scouts in area terrain (across from the CSM land raider) and my objectives right next to them. Then I deploy my 3 vindies to the right of the scouts.

I leave 2 squads in the land speeder storms to outflank. I then infiltrate my termies w/Shrike & Librarian behind the right-most ruin.

CSM Turn 1
He moves his predator, havocs, dread and rhinos towards me. He disembarks his termies+lord and moves towards me (not sure why he did that). He also disembarks his MoK CSM's. His dread became blood-frenzied and fleets towards me. His shooting immobilises 1 of my vindicators only.

Space Marines Turn 1
I move my snipers to provide cover for the side armor of my vindicator. I then advance my other 2 vindies and my large terminator squad. Shooting sees my vindicators wipe out 3 chaos terminators only. My fleet catches him by surprise and I am able to multi-assault his Khorne marines and terminator+Khorne lord. In cc, his Khorne lord gets a whopping 15 attacks with his daemon weapon! Fortunately the only damage he did was kill my librarian. I, in turn, wipe out his command squad and all but 2 of his CSM's. They break and run off the board next turn.

CSM Turn 2
He advances everything (except his LR) and disembarks his beserkers, thinking they're a safe distance from my termies and also thinking that my termies would attack his LR which didn't move. He has a pretty good round of shooting with havoc launchers, combi-bolters and lascannons as he blows up my middle vindicator (he shot at it's side armor with his predator), kill 3 scouts and 3 terminators. The scouts flee but are still on the board.

Space Marines Turn 2
My outflankers don't come in. I ignore his LR and move my terminators towards his beserkers. My shooting doesn't do anything, but my fleeting terminators make it into assault with his bersekers. I manage to wipe them out, losing 1 terminator and taking 1 wound on Shrike only.

CSM Turn 3
He moves his dread and rhino w/CSM's forward 6". His shooting shakes both vindicators and kills another terminator.

Space Marines Turn 3
One of my LSS storms (with scouts in them) come in and sneaks up behind his LR. I move my termies towards his last squad of CSM's in rhinos and my vindicator behind cover (from his LR). My scouts automatically regroups thanks to ATSKNF, shoots his dread and shakes it. My LSS's multi-melta failed to crack his LR's armor. My termies then assault his CSM's rhino only to destroy its havoc launcher.

CSM Turn 4
He disembarks his CSM's. His shooting shakes my immobilised vindicator and another terminator. He then assaults my termies+Shrike only to get wiped out for his troubles, though he did manage to kill Shrike who only had 1 wound left.

Space Marines Turn 4
My other LSS comes in near my objective with a good view of his dread's rear armor. My vindicator and scouts whiffs its shot but the LSS's did manage to immobilise his LR and blow off the TL-auto from his dread. My marines assault his empty rhino but just shake it.

CSM Turn 5
Now he is playing for a tie at best as he has no troops left. His havocs shoot down my 2 remaining sniper scouts, his LR shakes one of my vindies again and the combined fire of the rest of his forces kill another 2 termies (only 2 left now - 1 LC + 1 TH/SS). Why is it that my termies are invincible in combat and die so easily to bolters and other AP 4/5 fire?

Space Marines Turn 5
I zip my LSS 12" and it just manages to reach the rear of his predator and his objective. I disembark my scouts. I need to get rid of his predator in order to claim his objective as well. My shooting whiffs (I believe I shake his dread though), but my scouts manage to blow up his predator with their krak grenades, though 1 of them dies in the explosion. My terminators assault his rhino but do nothing.

We roll and the game continues.

CSM Turn 6
He doesn't move much. Big mistake that would cost him the game as he didn't move his dread or rhinos to contest my objective. His shooting kills 3 scouts, taking them out of claiming range of his objective (and I can't move them on my turn as I went to ground). Other than that he didn't do too much with his shooting.

Space Marines Turn 6
I move my LSS to try to take out his LR again. Once again, my shooting wasn't very effective and I didn't do too much with my assault.

We roll and the game ends with me on my objective and no one on his.

Victory to the Space Marines.

Post Game Assessment

My vindicators didn't do too much this time, but my big hammer unit was quite devastating. They destroyed all his troops, his terminator unit and his Khorne lord as well as draw a lot of fire.

My opponent played a very suspect game. He made a lot of rookie mistakes. He should have deployed his units closer to each other for support instead of spread them out. He shouldn't have disembarked his units (especially his command unit) when he didn't have to. He should have thought about his target priorities. And lastly, he shouldn't have forgot that I had troops in my LSS and should've moved his units towards my objective to contest. Oh well, hope he learns from his play.

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The thing about this type of list is that you have to protect the troops. They're extra squishy. I deploy the sniper scouts usually on objectives or not at all. In cover, they can get a 2+ cover if they go-to-ground and are highly survivable if need be. Then the other scouts are held in reserves til later to reduce KP's and grab late objectives. But usually they're ignored as the enemy concentrates fire on my vindies and big hammer unit.

5-man squads can work if there are more scary, immediate problems that the opponent needs to concentrate on.
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