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Well, semi-bike list anyway.

Captain, Bike, Power Sword - 150
Chaplain, Jump Pack - 115

Dreadnought, Assault Cannon, Drop Pod - 150

Bike Squad (x5) Power Fist, Meltagun - 175
Bike Squad (x5) Power Fist, Meltagun - 175
Tactical Squad (x10) Power Fist, Missile Launcher, Meltagun, Drop Pod - 150

Assault Squad (x10) Powerfist - 215
Landspeeder Squad (x2) 2x Heavy Bolter, 2x Typhoon Missile Launchers - 180
Attack Bike Squad (x2) 2x Heavy Bolters - 80

Any advice? Should the Attack Bikes be split and put in the Bike Squads?

That Which Has No Time
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Hello alvenom,

I would recommend reconsidering your army build. The assault squad can be integrated into a bike army to reasonable success, drop pods can not. In effect, they compromise every advantage of your bike army. They force you to make a commitment to a certain part of the battlefield (or split your forces and leave them unsupported, which is just as bad an idea) and forgo your mobility. You thus turn your bikes into mere delivery systems, where they revert to being overpriced and ineffective.
Tactical squads can be worked into bike armies (though they are not the most competitive choice for them), but they require mobility - a moving transport. No drop pods.

Attack bikes go into the bike squads, unless it's suicide multi-melta attack bikes. You can then drop a model each from the bike squads and instead maximize on weapon upgrades. Power fists on biker sergeants are not necessarily a good idea, though for your army build (combined with drop pods) they probably are worth it, since you will be seeing more close combat than your bikes will like.

Typhoon are perfect, but two in 1,500 points is a little few. They should be a considerable force of their own, able to operate as an independent wing and take on an entire enemy flank if need be.

I wouldn't take a dreadnought. It is too slow and doesn't fit in because it needs to be close-up to be effective. Bike armies need to be able to disengage whenever they have to and stay at a distance. The dreadnought would be unsupported. If you take a long-ranged rifleman dreadnought that might work better, but they are not really points-effective. I would rather take more typhoon landspeeders, honestly.

If you keep your assault squad, consider dropping two models from it. And adding a flamer, because this is probably going to be your "kick that unit out of cover"-joker.

And give your captain a relic blade if you can. It's so much better than a power sword...

And on a more general note: HQs are usually less for their points than buying units from other areas of the force allocation chart. So if you can avoid buying them: do it. In your case I can see how you need the captain to have bikes as troops and want the chaplain to make your assault squad kick behinds all the better, but I still think it's too big an investment.

So, concluding: attack bikes into your bike squads and buy them a second upgrade weapon each. If you take melta bike squads then put the multi-melta on the attack bike too, the increased melta range is more than nice to have. But plasmas make for a good fire support squad and flamers are a nice option against hordes. Drop mostly everything else but the speeders and instead add more of them and back them up with ordnance tanks if you like. Buy more bike squads. You can keep your tactical squad if you give it a mobile transport, and you can keep the assault squad if you are keen on making that investment and sticking with it. Focus less on close combat, bikes aren't good at it. (That means you can also drop the power fists on the sergeants if you like, etc...)

Anyway, those are my two cents. Good luck and have fun!
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