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17 and 14 year old?

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Odd question, Is it ok for me a 17 year old Junior to date a 14 year old girl who is a Freshman in highschool?

Just wanted to make sure.:ninja:
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Kinda wierd, but I know a guy doing that right now. But if you really like her, who cares what other people think?
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I think that you need to consider the legal ramifications of that relationship. No matter which country you live in, 14 is not considered to be an age where consent (of any kind) can be given, and 17 is considered to be close enough to adult to cause all kinds of problems.
I reckon you should keep away, at least until she is 16 (or whatever the age of consent is for you), you don't want to risk what could happen to you if someone thinks something inappropriate is going on.
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Never really thought about that...
What could happen to me?
anyone these days can end up on a list of "predators" there have been numerous cases in the US alone, where a young couple, (both under 16) have each ended up on the "predators" list because they were both having a relationship with someone under the ager of consent. It can ruin lives quite easily. Typically it's just the guy who ends up on the list, but it has happened to the girl as well. It's just not worth it.

Well that sucks thanks for telling me that...
Dude, well it is okay. I've seen Seniors go out with freshmen...

Though it isn't something you see everyday, but let that not stop any relationship.

If you two really feel something.. then by all means continue or go for it.

And about that age limit.. I say that wouldn't concern you.. unless you know you kind of do some *things* then that might affect you in that way.. if you are just having a normal relationship then it should be okay..
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Yeah that is true alos...
I see it alot in my school.
I meet my girlfriend when I was a Junior 16 and she was a Freshmen 14. We have been together for almost 2.5 years now. Age didn't matter to me really, however I got all these jokes from my family that I'm a cradle robber.

My warning is, if you are going to do anything "illegal", just make sure either no one finds out, or you have some cool people to cover you. My folks are awesome, they didn't care what we did, because we both love each other, her parents on the other hand are keeping themselves out of the conversation. Kind of blind to the truth, but it suits me, no bullets in my back. ^.^

However, I never had to worry about legal or illegal, where I live it was legal for a long time, then when I turned 17, I had to wait till she turned 15 before we could to anything again, which wasn't more then a month or so. So, I'm all legal and clean.
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this was just happening here in LAs Vegas two of my friends but they broke up. I I have a feeling it might start up again. But I think she is ethier 15 or will turn 15 really soon.
If your school social order will let you do that, then they are way the heck more openminded than my school. I am 8th grader going out with a 7th grader and I still have to put up with BS.
I would have to in 8th grade, its difrent inhighscool don't ask me why.
Definetly.. high school is way different.. from nubbdle school
it might be different in highschool because we might be a little more muture( arry if spelled wrong)
A: It's spelled "m-a-t-u-r-e".
B: You're two years older than me. So that suddenly makes you the adult. I have to say that seems "kinda F up".
C: I go to a high school in the morning of every school day. I can see very little difference except that everyone makes me feel short (being 5' 11 3/4", that seems strange for me).
Come now, guys, there’s no need to get angry over this. Maturity depends more on one’s personality and past experiences that it does on one’s age. I don’t think Brother Ares was directing an attack on you personally, LordMortis, nor on pre-high schoolers in general. Ignoring his generalising and I admit rather condescending comment would be the mature thing to do in this case.

As for the original question, I must admit it had me thinking for a while. My first impression was that the difference in age would be more troublesome than it was worth; apart from the social and legal ramifications, which as said by others can be quite serious, I wonder if the relationship in itself will be as healthy and fulfilling as a relationship should be. A three-year age difference means little to adults, but teenagers are in a state of constant change and three years is a wide gap to overcome during those chaotic teen years. I don’t think I could have done it, to be honest; it would have meant dating someone younger than my own little sister, and at the time that would simply have been inconceivable to me.

However, love is love, and if you really do care about this girl I see no reason why you can’t work out the problems in your relationship that might be caused by the age difference. You only need to keep in mind the problems it may cause socially and legally; being the oldest and most experienced in the relationship (to avoid using the word ‘mature’ ;)) it largely falls to you to deal with these issues. She is only 14, and as a minor she will be held unaccountable for her actions legally and often also socially.

And finally, a plea: if you do date her, and you want to do anything *cough* illegal, please be careful. Don’t push her, and remember to protect yourselves. Again, being the oldest, make sure you protect both of you; an accident at her age will have the most serious repercussions on both of you. :hmm:

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That's a very well thought out post Greph. Red fang just reminded me of the line by the professor in Futurama "I'm Dating an old student of mine she's 105 years old, many have accused me robbing the cradle but i disagree i say that she is robbing the Grave".
Heh. A (VERY) sick friend of mine once gave me this piece of advice when I was having qualms over dating someone in the year below (God that seems so strange, now). The advice?

"Chris, Chris, Chris. They're legal when they leave school. And they leave school at half past three, *every* day."

Thread locked.
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