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I've posted in the Chaos forums regarding "How to be EVIL" and have come up with this so far... It's based on models I already have, the standard points value of games we play around my table (1750) and having things that loyalists just plain don't...

Models I have.. 16 odd marines, Dreadnought, Greater Demon (Keeper of Secrets for the win!), one Terminator Lord (will probably just proxy in with other termies I don't have...) Raptor champion...

Models I don't have, any tanks at all or Thousand sons or a Demon Prince.

So, here's the list.

Demon Prince
+MoS, Wings, LoS

Greater Demon

+Twin-linked Lascannon

x4 Terminators
+ x4 combi-plas

x10 Marines
+IoCG, x2 Melta, AC w/Powerfist
+Rhino, Havoc Launcher

x7 Thousand Sons
Aspiring Sorcerer with Doombolt

x10 Marines
+IoCG, x1 Melta
+Rhino, Havoc Launcher

Fast Attack:
x6 Raptors
+x2 Meltagun, IoS
AC w/Power weapon

Heavy Support:
+Lascannon Side Sponsons
+Extra Armor

Vindicator (I love pie plates, could I use the defiler instead?)
+Demonic Possession

I think that's everything... it should total in at around 1748. I think it's a fairly good list, could see some tweaking here and there. Is there a way I could include oblits without drastically reducing armor or bodies? My only option is to drop the Dreadnought and replace with 2 oblits. Also, ways to make this list more EVIL!!!:?

Thanks in advance for reading this far!


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Pretty good list. Here are a few suggestions:

Termis: Pretty good, though you should consider a power fist in order to give them that little extra boost, especially if they get caught in a c.c. skirmish with a monstrous creature. I'd also recommend that you give them a heavy flamer. Statistically, it kills as just about as many MEQ's as the combi-plasma in rapid fire range, and is so much better against the swarm.

Marines: Looks good. Your second marine squad should no doubt include a second melta gun. It's just too cheap NOT to take, and really round the unit out for popping vehicles.

Raptors: Ah, nice cheap squad. Personally, I've found that 8 is a better number, as well as the IoK. However, this unit is perfect for heckling and will certainly serve your build very well.

Vindis: General Rule of Thumb- take two or none. At the 1500 point level, if your opponent wants, he/she can destroy the vindi on round one. For some reason, having two exponentially increases the odds of them both surviving. It's not a math-hammer law; it's just one of those things that occurs on the table top.

EDIT: For sheer firepower, the two oblits are a better choice than the dread. However, for your build, it could go either way. For one thing, you could use the dread in order to further take the heat off your rhinos, without which you only have the pred and the vindi for distraction (which honestly should be enough). On second thought, it's probably best to take the two oblits. ;)

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Extra armour on the pred isnt needed. With the vehicle move and fire rules you are a static vehicle anyway in order to shoot all weapons. Drop it for a chain fist on a terminator or put extra armour on both rhinos (swapping out the havoc launcher.

You could swap the dread out for an obliterator and buy 2 more thousand sons to make a nice fluffy nine.
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