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alright, down the list of my two cents (for competitive; fluff lists are all the own person's preferences):

the command squads:
my take on them, there's three good ways to work them (and a fourth that's alright sometimes)

1. leadership; primarily your hq command squad, and maybe one infantry command squad if you need extra coverage. the best way to arm these is a single mortar, a standard bearer for re-roll, iron discipline, and an honorifica imperialis (move this to the second command squad and upgrade the hq to an hso if using two leadership command squads). stick these out of sight and out of harm as well as in the middle of your infantry firebase to provide that leadership support to your squads, lob a few mortars and maybe a lucky pin, while not getting shot.

2. deep strike suicide; though some people like to load these like they're veterans, they're not and they have the average BS to prove it. give them 2-3 flamers that'll autohit and you have a cheap squad that can potentially ravage GEQ mob squads.

3. heavy weapon; the best cheap way to do this IMO is give them a single lascannon and use them as a lookout for tanks wandering about so you're not wasting an entire squad's firepower for just that one lascannon shot that might down the tank. these squads line up just like the rest of the gunline infantry.
some like 3 plasma w/ a medic, but that's too expensive and too much of a juicy target with the lack of cannonfodder meatshield guardsmen.

4. anti-close combat; take a commissar and psyker (with force weapon and honorifica), stage them right behind your front line to lie in wait to countercharge any assaulting enemy units. this can get costly though to load up on wargear and doesn't do anything until your front line is dying; even then, these may be buffed up but they're still guardsmen and die the same. there's also the offchance your commissar headshots that geared up psyker during due to Perils of the Warp.

the veterans/stormtroopers:
yes, d/s'ing min/maxed vet squads is unfluffy, but they'll do a better job than stormtroopers (they really won't live an extra turn so get that extra special weapon for what it's worth) so use 3 vet squads if you need, otherwise 2 should do fine.
side-note: for fluffiness, IMO drop troops is everyone (or the rest in valkyries/vultures) or nothing; any half/half's is unfluffy, only exception with stormtroopers is if the troops are all grenadiers and it's themed that way.
not really going to cover infiltrating veterans, but if you use them, 10-man squads w/ 3 plasma and a lascannon or missile launcher is their best layout. (probably would just want to keep them on line with the rest of the squads so they don't get isolated and killed quicker).

the infantry/support squads:
for your heavy weapon dilemna, my personal standpoint is this...

support squads use either heavy bolters (anti-horde) or missile launchers (anti-tank)... autocannons too if you have a fetish for them. using lascannons, though a very strong unit, also becomes a high priority target.

infantry squads use either autocannons or missile launchers (these two best compliment the special weapons and normal weapons in the squad); special weapon choices to go with these are either grenade launchers or plasma guns (if you think rare-tech guns belong on dirt-cheap fodder). lascannons are generally a waste in fantry squads as their best potential is only useful when wasting the str of the rest of the guns (ie, firing at tanks/MCs).

by generally keeping the layout like that and having some lascannon command squads, all the squads in your line should generally have an equal opportunity threatening target to your enemy.

if you're going to take something, take two or three of them instead of just one (or at least have that just one grouped with two other tanks).
2 hellhounds and 2 leman russes are fine, and while some gripe about basilisks (myself included, i never field them for those fluff reasons), one basilisk will help keep your enemy hesitant about trying to bide his time cover away from the rest of your guns.

upgradewise; the hellhounds and leman russes should all use extra armor, smoke is optional but usually unnecessary (if you have extra points in the end, spring for it, otherwise don't worry about it).

heavy stubbers are good on the hellhounds but not needed on the leman russes, the main gun should be firing whenever possible,
it should only see as little use as the cheaper (in comparison) heavy bolter sponsons as a backup for only the cannon getting destroyed or in the off times that the only thing to shoot at would get hit more times by the heavy bolters than a single cannon shot (units of 1-3 models).

lastly, one thing to look into if you got the doctrine space to spare is close order drill (though i feel this should be best reserved for battlefield marching-parade army lists) just in case the free option of +1initiative boost comes in handy for your gunline infantry squads in melee.

there's my general standpoint on standard guard armies.
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