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This is what I'm taking to a tournament next week. It's tested very well against MEQ armies, not so good against Mech Tau so I'll just have to hope I don't run into any. Last minute advice would be appreciated.

Imperial Guard (doctrines), 1750 pts

Doctrines: Close Order Drill, Iron Discipline, Light Infantry, Storm Troopers, Sharpshooters
All command units have iron discipline, all units have light infantry and close order drill. Anti-tank squad has sharpshooters

-Command Platoon, 240 pts
-Command Squad, Heroic Senior Officer (bolt pistol, pw), 3 grenade launchers
-Anti-tank Squad, 2 lascannons, 1 missile launcher (only because I only own 2 Steel Legion lascannons at the moment)

-Storm Troopers, 4 + sgt, deepstrike, 2 meltaguns, 75 pts

-Storm Troopers, 6 + vet. sgt., infiltrate, 2 plasmaguns, vet sgt w/ hellpistol and pw, 108 pts

-Infantry Platoon, 567 pts
-Command Squad, Junior Officer w/ Honorifica, BP/PW, 2 grenade launchers
-3x Infantry Squad, Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, sgt w/ laspistol/ccw
-2x Infantry Squad, Heavy Bolter, Plasmagun, sgt w/ laspistol/ccw

-Armored Fist Squad, plasmagun, missile launcher, sgt w/ laspistol/ccw, chimera w/ hull heavy bolter, multi-laser, smoke launchers, 173 pts

-Hellhound, smoke launchers, 118 pts

-Leman Russ Exterminator, hull heavy bolter, heavy bolter sponsons, pintle heavy stubber, 147 pts

-Leman Russ Battle Tank, hull heavy bolter, heavy bolter sponsons, 155 pts

-Leman Russ Battle Tank, hull lascannon, heavy bolter sponsons, 165 pts

EDIT: I'm considering dropping the hellhound and adding cameleoline to the infantry. I'm not sure if I need to model this, or if so, how. I use steel legion painted similarly to on the box, but with snow-covered bases. Thoughts?

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Nice list Ylide, not much to help with.

I like your use of Honorifica in the Platoon, good work, do it myself.

I would try and have more Vets as well. At least one squad with Lascannon and a couple of Plasma Guns. A deepstriking squad with three Meltas is a more effective suicide squad than your Stormies.

I would keep the Hellhound over Cameoleline, as you already have take Light Infantry, so you don't want to troops getting too expensive. I might however switch one for the other, especially if you think you will play a lot of shooty armies.

I would drop the Lascannon from the second Russ for a HB, but you may not have the model.

I would also try (again you may not have the models) to take a couple more Lascannons. In my 1750 point list I have 7. ;)

Cheers, good luck on the tourney, and let us know how it went.

For the Emperor!:w00t:

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Thanks for the tips hammer. That was exactly my concern was that LI and Cameleoline would add too many points to each model.

I've considered going with veterans, but I don't know what to drop to take the droptroopers doctrine. Also, I don't have the extra infantry models at the moment. (I use steel legion, they ain't cheap) I guess I could drop sharpshooters, I only have it on one squad anyway.

I have 3 more lascannons, but they're Cadian. I need to bitz order the steel legion lascannon gunner and loader models to convert the team. I also plan on eventually adding more autocannons. Neither of these are happening before the tourney though.

Yeah, it's a modelling issue with the tanks. I've only converted two of my russes to have a HHB so far. It's kind of a pain in the ass as they are all assembled. I have the 10 points to spare, dunno where I'd use it anyway.

I'll let you know how the tournament goes.
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