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Orks are my oldest warhammer army and I have been considering redoing them as my next army. I love to scratch build vehicles and I figured this is the best codex for that.

So here is my Deff Rollaz GT list

2x Warboss- slugga/powerclaw/cybork body- 95 each

2x 8 Nobs- 1 Powerclaw/painboy/8 cybork bodies/ Battlewagon-3 big shootas/deff rolla-380 each

2x 16 Boyz- nob/powerclaw- 131 each

1x 18 Boyz- nob/powerclaw- 143

2x Battlewagon-grot riggers/3 big shootas/deff rolla- 130 each

1x Battlewagon-grot riggers/4 big shootas/deff rolla- 135

71 bodies
5 AV14 vehicles
5d6 S10 tank shock hits per turn

The only issue is tank busting but I figure 7 powerfists can handle that.
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