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Just finished "pointing out" my 1750 pts. friendly MotF List, and got some time to kill before the battle. Thought Ill post my army, and hope for a few comments.

The thought behind this list is dreadnoughts. I really like the look of em, and they do quite well I think.

In most of my other lists Ill include an ironclad in a drop pod - the last time he took out a soul grinder with his melta, charged a great unclean one (who was down to two wounds), and when he had finished the greater deamon, he was charged by a deamonprince. He lost both his arms and mobility, but managed to kill the prince anyways.

Ill stress that the list is build around the dreadnought team, and is NOT meant for competetive play. My opponent is playing eldar or orks...

Back to the list.

Master of the Forge

Servitor Unit of 3 servitors


Ironclad Dreadnought in Drop pod

Four Dreadnoughts
-Two with multi-meltas
-Two with assault cannons

Two full Tactical Squads in Rhinos
-One with meltagun, multi-melta and powerweapon
-One with flamer and missile launcher - sergeant has melta-bombs

One Attack Bike Squadron
-of two attack bikes
-both with multi-meltas

One full Assault Marine Squad
-sergeant with powerfist

Roles and Strategy
The HQ - MotF w/ Servitors, will be riding the Las-Raider, until something needs fixing OR enemies gets close enough for a power-fist beating. Will generally hold back and attempt to stop light vehicles, with priority on fast vehicles and transports.

The Ironclad will choose the most secure drop location, as long as there is something to pound. If the enemy does not deploy - it will aim for the centre of the opposing deployment zone.

The other dreads will team up two-and-two, with one team pressing forward, and the other in defence/reaction. Against a defensive enemy, they will all move forward.

In cover of the dreads, the two tacticals will move forward to secure ground. Their primary concern in a mission involving objectives is to stay alive. With many objhectives, I will split the squad that has the missile launcher.
Maybe ill split the other squad as well, and let the melee part of it, hog the land raider. In that case they may take over the land raider, and turn it into a mobile, heavely armoured scoring unit.

The attack bikes a expendable, but will try not to allow ST 8+ fire on them. They will take first chance to take out any vehicle, with preference to heavy vehicles.

The jump marines will be my main offensive weapon. They might try to join up with the ironclad, but will also have an eye on the opponents scoring units. They will deploy out of LoS, maybe using the Las-Raider as cover.

Thoughts: 1750 pts with only two scoring units is going to be hard. If the opponent focus on taking them out, the battle may well be lost quickly. Thats why I have to use the dreads to clear the ground for the troops, and maybe lock strong melee units in prolonged combat.
The force is rather short ranged, and also lacks a bit of mobility. Against a mobile opponent, the first few rounds of Godhammer Pattern Lascannon fire from the Raider, may prove vital.

With the light armour of the dreads, the MotF is vital to keep the force moving forward. Ill keep in mind that the most repairs he has made during any six-round battle is three, and that was in a 12k apoc battle with 6 LR, 3 dreads and 3 vindicators in close proximity.

Ill hope that you will drop some comments on the list and/or tactics, or your own experience with dreads, few troops and repairs.
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