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Chappy w/ art armor, plasma pistol, jump pack, admantine cloak or mantle whichever
2 basic dreads
4 5 man tacs w plasma cannon
2 5 man tacs w lascannon
3 speeders with multimelta
2 speeders w/ assault cannon
9 assault marines w/ 2 plasma pistols, sgt w/ pwr fist
2 whirlwinds

Chaos Demon w/ demonic speed or wings
Chaos Demon w/ wings and who knows
2 7 man CSM tac squads w/ rhino and 2 plasma guns
7 man bike squad
greater demon
2 7 man plague marine squads

Set up
SM hide whirlwinds behind terrain towards center of deployment zone. 2 tac squads left 4 right. assault squad w/ chappy left near tac squads. assault cannon speeders left and 1 dread left. the multi meltas right and the last dread right. tried to conceal all but tac squads

Chaos put defiler in the middle vindicator on my right rhino on my right demon on my right
on the left side bikers demon and rhino

Turn 1
Whirlwinds place mines in front of the rhino and bikes the multimelta speeders immobilize vindicator. tac squads on left put 1 wound on demon
Bikers move through mines. turboboosting lose 1 to the mines. lucky me. the rhino on the left goes through mines. gets immobilized and crew gets out entangled. defiler moves out of cover and fleets. lords and other rhino move up. vindicator returns fire on the speeders speeder stunned.
Turn 2
Assault squad moves up to engage the bikes. dreanought on left scoots up to shoot the unmounted squad from the rhino. speeders move to shoot demon. rght dreadnought scoots to middle while avoiding range from vindicator. multi melta speeders move over to pop the other rhino squad. penetrating 4 all get out safely. 1 more wound put on demon on the right. bikers lose 3 from firing and get assaulted by the jump packers.the whirlwinds unfortunately dropped mines on te jumpackers and a tac squad. the assault squad loses 2 to mines. bikes kill no jump packers and run. oh ya a lucky lascannon shot destroyed the defiler. yay
the demons move up again. the running biker dies and spawns a greater demon. who in turn assaults my jump packers. no shooting goes on but the right demon gets into my tac squad. the demon on the right kills the squad. but the old biker kills 5 jumpackers and takes a wound from the power fist.
Turn 3
the assault cannon speeders and dreadnought continue to move up the left. they engage the marines killing 3. the demon on the left gets shot down miraculously by rapid fire bolters, plasma cannon and a lascannon. whirlwinds drop mines on the maries outside of the right rhino and off somewhere in the distance. the multi melta speeders fail to wound the right demon and the other sqaud fails as well. 1 more wound on the demon from the biker and loses the assault squad. now just him and the chappy
Chaos. the plague marines summoned from the prince on the right. the decide to go whirlwind hunting. they destroy 1 the demon assaults he multi melta speeders. the squad on the left shoots down a land speeder. in assault the demon atacking the speeders stuns one and the demon kills the chaplain. he consolidates and takes a wound from the mines.
Turn 4
the speeder and dreadnought shoot down another marine from the back left squad. the rest of the army does nothing. my rolling has dropped really bad. i do kill 4 plague marines though that assaulted the whirlwinds
the left squad shoots at the speeders shaking one . the demon assaults the multimelta speeders stunning one more the plague marines assault a tac squad. and the other plague marines destroy the other whirlwind the demon on the left assaults a tac squad and wipes them out
Turn 5
the speeder and dreadnought fail to kill the last chaos marine. the tac squad that got assaulted kill the plague marines. and the tac squad that got assaulted by the demon gets wiped out. he consolidates into the next squad
The demon on the right assaults the dreadnough. stunning it. the marine in te back left assaults the dreadnought but gets smacked down and the demon kills the last tac squad on the left. the chaos marines on the right stay put and stun the speeder again.
Turn 6
Nothing gets done nothing left to shoot really so put some fire into the demon on the right causing no damage. cant see the demon on the left.
Demon on the right assaults the last tac squad and wipes them out. GAME OVER

what was left
Assault cannon speeder
3 Multi Melta Speeders

A summoned demon
Immobilized vindicator
Squad of Marines

It was a really exciting game and i think it was a draw barely but ya it was looking good until the marines felt the pressure of chaos coming in. I guess their nerves got the best of them so they forgot how to shoot. Oh well fun game
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