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hi, i have just finshed my choas deamon army, and now thinking about my next project as i have some trranids model and they upadted the book i was wondering if you can help to make a compative army list on the bits i have got.


1 winged hive tryant with bone sword and whip lash and scything talons
1 hive tryant with scything talons and venom cannon
1 winged tryant with 2 scything talons


3 lictors
3 zoanthropes
3 hive gaurds

36 genestalers
8 gensealter with talons
1 broodlord

32 termagants with spine fists
17 termagants with fleash borers

40 hormagaunts

9 rippers

fast attack

6 tryanid shrike
3 with r claws
3 with deathspitters

4 raverners with r claws

9 spore mines

heavy support

1 carnifex with crushing claws and talons
1 carnifex with 2 sets of talons
1 carnifex with vemon cannon

3 bovores

1 trygon

there is the stuff i have got for this army hope you can help me out to make a good competive army list for me. thanks

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You wont be able to make a competative list at the highest calibur, but you should be able to come up with something that can hold its own. You should have a good chance, but its not like youll be able to destroy everyone you come across.

Tyrant - Wings, 2 Scything tallons, Hive commander.

3 Hive Guard

3 Zoanthropes in a mycetic spore - Youll just have to model one of these, without it they suck.

20 Toxin sac hormaguants

20 Toxin sac hormaguants

10 Toxin sac genestealers

Trygon prime

3 Biovores

This puts you just under 1500. If you want to go to 1750, youll need to buy 3 hive guard then add in 3 rending raveners.
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