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So I have been watching nid week on youtube. A lot of useful stuff in there and they put out their tournament list. So here is the link and their list:
YouTube - Nid Week - BOW Tips: The Bugs of War Army List


Elite- Death Leaper-140

Elite-2 Zoanthropes w/ mycetic spore-160

Troops- 15 Termagants w/ toxin sacs and adrenal glands-105

Troops- 15 Hormagaunts w/ toxin sacs and adrenal glands w/ mycetic spore-190

Troops-15 Genestealers w/scything talons-240

Fast Attack-3 Shrike Brood-150

Fast Attack-18 Gargoyles w/ adrenal gland and toxin sacs-144

Heavy Support- 2 Mawlocs

What does anyone else think about this list? I think it's not bad. They provide great explanation for it.
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