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I also play Sisters a lot, and thought I would try a combination list.

Let me know what ye think..........

HQ: CCS With Astopath - 85pts
Sits back in cover with at least one Vet squad for orders.

Guardsman Marbo - 65pts
Does his sneaky bastard stuff.....

2 x Veteran Squads
- 220pts
Each with Lascannon, 3 Sniper Rifles, Vox
Sit back in as deep cover as possible, shooting at vehicles or Monstrous Creatures

3 x Sisters Squads
. 453pts
Each w/Book of St Lucious, Heavy Flamer, Melta
Lovely ladies of Divine Guidance Doom drop out of Vendettas when enemy are out of transports.

Fast Attack: 390pts
Vendettas x 3
Hold Sisters squads, probably come in reserve, shoot at vehicles until destroyed, then bring in the Chicks.

Heavy Support
Punisher w/Lascannon - 200pts
Kills Troops

Leman Russ
w/Lascannon - 165pts
Kills Troops and Tanks

Exterminator w/Lascannon - 165pts
Kills Transports, Tanks and Troops.

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Eh, Vets are too pricey. Infantry do the lascannon battery better. 2 squads of 20 with lascannons and voxes end up cheaper for twice the guns. Add a flag to your CCS to keep them around and Autocannon HWS if you want some cheap firepower to nail light armor.

I'd go for 2 meltas in your Sisters' units, bolters + divine guidance do plenty. Consider Valks to buff your anti-infantry. I don't think the flyers are totally necessary, Chimeras do they job pretty well, and Rhinos with old smokes are something to enjoy.

Punisher is garbage, hull lascannons too. 2 Demos and an Exec work fine.

Trimming the fat (Infantry > Vets for foot troops, Demos > any Russ variant that's not an Exec) should net you a good chunk of points you can put in some autocannon HWS to help nail armor at range.

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what ==ME== said, switch your russes to demolishers and give youe CCS a chimera for transport they need it. no cloack will save them from flamers. and the vest really need melta guns and transports.
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