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This will be my first time joining a league and I wanted to see what everyone thought of this army and any suggestions/input/ideas you might have before the first bolter rounds start flying!

I'm mostly joining to have fun and to play something other than my friend's IG and SoB!

The territory draft starts on Feb 25th. so I do have some time to tweak it.

I'm a new 40k player and this list is built from what I have bought and painted up so far as well as what I'm able to borrow from a friend.

I do have one question though! Can I attach more than one IC to a squad? ie. I'd like to attach a chaplain and a techmarine each on a bike to a bike squad?

Anyways, here's the list:

* = borrowed

# = still needs to be bought

Traits Space Marine Chapter

Significant Divergence

Courageous: Be Swift as the Wind, See but Don't be Seen

Disadvantages: Aspire to Glory


*Reclusiarch-Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, BP,
Terminator Honours, Bike, Frag Grenades
(attached to Bike Squad)

Reclusiarch-Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, BP,
Terminator Honours, Jump Pack, Frag Grenades
(attached to Assault Squad)


Dread-TLLC, ML
Tank Hunters

#Techmarine-Servoarm, Signum, BP, Terminator Honours, Bike, Frag Grenades (attached to Bike Squad)

*3-Strong Scout Bike Squad-Meltabombs
Tank Hunters
Expert Riders


#5-Strong Tactical Squad-Lascannon

#5-Strong Tactical Squad-Lascannon

*6-Strong Bike Squad-2x Meltaguns, Attack Bike-MM,
T honours, Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Tornado-HB, AC

Land Speeder Tornado-HB, AC

8-Strong Assault Squad-2x Plasma Pistols,
T honours, Power Fist, BP

Heavy Support

Pred Anni, HB sponsons, extra armour

#Pred Anni, HB sponsons, extra armour


The scout bikes are there to deal with the really nasty armor. The techmarine and chappy are there to help the bike squad just incase (the emperor forbid!) they get into CC and the techmarine can help reroll the meltas as a bonus as well. Dread snipes enemy armor and i know everyone hates preds with LC,HB but I like their flexibility. The lascannon squads setup to snipe armor as well.

Thanks in advance!

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HQs look good although personally i'd prefer 1 HQ and more troops at 1750...IMO add the 2nd HQ at 2000 or so.
I don't really like the scout bikers...there's only 3 of them and they got such a sucky save...IMO ditch them and use the pts for beefing up ur assault squad and perhaps getting another small tac squad.
Techmarine is an interesting idea, let us know how he works out tho he seems a bit expensive for my tastes.
Lascan squads are good.
Bike squad...hmmm, a MM on the attack bike. i don't think it's necessary, 2 meltaguns are good enough for punching holes in tanks. Keep the HB for more softening-up fire right before u assault. And change the PW to a PF please, fists are so much better.
Assault squad is good if u make it 10-men, 8 aren't enough for 1750pt games where a turn of fire can kill 5 marines...
I see nothing wrong with the Preds, in fact that's my fav configuration (aside from Baal Predator of course:shifty: ).
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