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HQ-Marneus Calgar-185
-Command Squad-9- 260
Sergeant-Honours, Power Fist, Combat Shield
Company Champion
Apothecary- Honours, Plasma Pistol
2 Meltaguns, Frag,
-Drop Pod

Elite-Tyrranic War Veterans-(10)-211- Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Sergeant-Power Weapon
Elite-Dreadnought-113- Assault Cannon, Fist w/storm bolter, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers
Elite-Venerable Dreadnought-173-Assault Cannon, Fist w/Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers
-Drop Pod

Troops-Tac Squad-(10)- 175- Lascannon, Plasma Gun
Troops-Tac Squad-(10)- 136- M. Launcher, Flamer
Troops-Scout Squad-(6)-114- 5 sniper Rifles, 1 M. Launcher
Troops-Scout Squad-(5)-95- 4 Sniper Rifles, 1 M. Launcher

Heavy- Whirlwind-90- Extra Armour
Heavy- Predator Destructor -138- Heavy Bolter, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers

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I see no one commented on your Ultramarines list last month, so I will!

I have played UM for 2.5 years and I love them and I have tried almost every type of list you can imagine. Including lists like this one.

First of all, Marneus and a big retinue like that are horribly expensive. Not to say they are horrible! Just very expensive (and fun to play). For a tournament I don't think it is competetive.

I love the Ven Dread in a pod with assault cannon and heavy flamer. A real CC monster.

Your elite veterans squad is too big, I think. Plus, are you giving them a skill? Also they won't get to use both a flamer and a heavy bolter, probably. Of course the HB is very cheap so you might as well keep it, but if you need points I'd drop it fast. I'd also knock that down to an 8 or 6 man squad, depending on what role you want them to fill.

I might take one squad of scouts with sniper rifles and a Missile launcher. I would NOT take 2 squads of scouts. They don't have power armor. If you trim down your command squad you can take more regular tactical marines. Plus, with Sniper rifles being heavy, unless you get a sweet setup, they might not get to shoot every turn.

You are light on anti-tank. I'd take pred annihilator before a destructor in this list. I'd prefer a dev squad over either on though.

I like both of your tactical squads.

I hope this helps!

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I agree with the majority of the above poster's post. However flamer and missile launcher is a bad idea. I don't understand why people always do this.

2 Squads of scouts is actually not too bad. And they infiltrate so they'll have fine setup.

Contrary to above poster you aren't that light on anti armor. not heavy. 3 M launchers, a las cannon, 2 meltas, 1 assault cannon, 1 auto cannon (Good for picking off transports), and a whole lot of PF attacks should be enough to counter most tank threats. Remember that tanks themselves are not that numerous. 6 tends to be the most AFVs you'll see in a game. Though armies like mobile orks can have an excess of 20, most of those are easily destroyed under mass bolters. And the Destructor will rip them to bits.
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