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Ditch the lobbas, get a Looted Basilisk. Granted 3 lobbas over more blasts, but a basilisk with its high strength has a tendancy to blow anything you need up most likely without an armor save.

Ditch the turbo boast off the truck, you most likely will not need it. On the advice route. Deploy the trukk without anything in it. Don't put the warboss on just say its your hq trukk. Move the full 24+1 close to cover. The extra D6 won't help you that much.

On the storm boys Zaggstrukk cannot take a power klaw you have to play him as is in the codex. however i believe you can take a Nob as a normal choice in addition to Zagstrukk and give the Nob a power klaw.

Remember the Burnas cannot assault out of the Rhino if it moves. You will be wasting the squad in a rhino as only 2 can shoot out, and then you'll have to deploy out 1 turn and charge the next.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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