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This list is for the upcoming Yorkshire open tournament on Jan 31st so any help would be much appreciated so that i can refine my list.


Kor'saro Khan

Command squad
company champion
3 power swords



-servo harness


2x 5bikes
-2 melta guns
multimelta attack bike

2x 5 bikes
-2 flamers
attack bike
(one of the units has a melta bomb)


3 Landspeeders
-3 heavy bolters


so any thoughts, feelings and advise will be much appreciated. thank you.:dance:

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I'll run through a few things first, and then possible options.
I think the Techmarine is a little out of place.
Also the chaplain is obivously there to help the command squad out, but i think he may be a little overkill.
The three speeders are great, but as they are your only armour on the table, they will be taking quite a beating.

I would:
Take out the Techmarine and the chaplain.
Replace them with more armour. As watchwood said, add in some vindicators for support. I like whirlwinds, but that's just me, they aren't very effective at all. This will add more armour to the table, and make the speeders more survivable. I am practically in love with landspeeder typhoons right now, so i will always suggest putting more of those in your army.

Or you could remove the techmarine, chaplain and speeders, and run all bikes. I would be adding squads of MM attack bikes. They can get in close, pop a few tanks, and probably get swamped. but who cares? they are non-scoring units, and people worry about them way too much.

on a side note, in my area i see lots of terminators, monstrous creatures, and a lot of eldar avatars are coming out of the woodwork. To combat this, i would take flamers off one squad and replace it with plasma. Also if you could find some points to put storm shields on the command squad, it will greatly increase their survivability. I personally don't use command squads, but i can definately see the attraction.

Hope I helped

- P
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