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The shop I have been patronizing is having a tournament March 13 aand I'd like a little advice. The point total is 1850. There will be three rounds: annihilation, objectives and one TBA. It's been a couple years since I used my SOB and I'd like to make a decent showing at least. There will be orks, guard, a couple of CSM, necrons, Eldar and space marines. I've heard at least one CSM army uses lash princes. The tyranids player got deployed and won't be there and the Tau player went to space marines. Here is the list:

HQ1 160
Canoness, BoSL, inferno pistol, Blessed Weapon, CoSA, Jump Pack, Rosarius
HQ2 244
Brother Captain, psychic hood, sacred incense
GK Term(3) Incinerator, TH/SS
El1 186
Celestians(5) meltagun(2)
Immolator smoke, EA
El2 50
DH Inq bolt pistol, CCW, power armour
Tr 1-4 197 each
Sisters(9) flamer, HF
FA1 152
Seraphim(4) hand flamer, melta bombs
VSS BoSL, melta bombs

4 rhinos, 1 immolator, 2 exorcists

The other list I have drops the GK termies, the power armour and a mystic from the DH inq and adds 6 GK in power armour with an incinerator(Tr5) and an immolator(HS3) to transport them. This list would give me another unit to hold an objective.

I can run the canoness with the seraphim or split them off as needed. The inq and mystics would sit with the exorcists to shoot deepstrikers. The celestians will make use of their meltas.

No one at the shop has run or played against SOB. I'm hoping that will give me a little advantage to make up for being rusty. Hopefully I can hinder the CSM and Eldar use of psychic powers (Librarians too). Please let me know what you think, I'd hate to get tabled first round!

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A few random thoughs :

-You may want frags on your HQ - she's pretty expensive for a SoB though.
-The celestians don't benefit hugely from a VSS, it's a place to save points if you need them.
-A melta or two more wouldn't go amiss, you are a little short on anti-tank and that immo is going to be the first thing to get popped.
-Elite inquisitor is probably better off with a bolt gun and a place to hide.
-You might have trouble doing much damage with the seraphim, they don't seem to be set up with any goal in mind.
-Assuming you don't have it you may also want to look into extra armour on the rhinos.

I used to play a mix not entirely different to your list from time to time and did fairly well, though i'm playing much heavier mech these days. I think you may find your GKs and seraphim struggling to keep up in your current list, they both seem a little squeezed in.
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