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HQ1- Captain w/combi-flamer, lightning claw
Command squad w/champion, 3xplasma guns
HQ 2-Librarian w/Gate of infinity, Might of ancients

Troops 1- Full tactical squad w/power fist, flamer, plasma cannon
Troops 2-Full tactical squad w/power fist, meltagun, missile launcher, drop pod
Troops 3- Full tactical squad w/power sword, melta bombs, flamer, lascannon
Troops 4-Full tactical squad w/meltagun, missile launcher
Troops 5-Scout squad w/combi-flamer, power sword
Troops 6-Full scout squad w/5xsniper rifles, 4xbolters, Heavy bolter, camo cloaks

Fast Attack 1- Land speeder storm w/heavy flamer

Elites 1- Dreadnought w/heavy flamer, assault cannon, drop pod

Heavy Support 1- Thunderfire cannon

Somewhat typical line marines, maybe an overabundance of troops. C&C welcome

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My opinion:
The thing with line marines is thatbthey find it very hard to get and hold objectives. Therefore it is key to have shooty units that can also move fast to contest towards the end of the game. Landspeeder typhoons are the most verstatile of these but attack bikes with a heavy bolter works as well.
Your tactical squads are a bit strange and the drop pod on one of them is suicide. And not a very good one at that. If you're going to stick the librarian with them so that they can teleport back then this makes more sense however I prefer sternguard with combi-meltas for this role. You could have 6 sternguard with 5 combi-meltas for the price of that tactical squad and they'll do a much better job of killing the unit you shoot. If you want to allow them to return to the gunline then they can have heavy weapons. If that squad is meant for supporting the line then it will averagely land on turn 3, just as an assualt army has charged you (little shooting) or turn 2 when it is suicide/ join the gunline. It would be more helpful to keep this squad footslogging.

On the subject of sternguard, I think a few would benefit this list as there one of the best shooting units in our codex. For this purpose I would
a) give them plasma cannons to add that versatility against 2+ armour as well
b) missile launchers can pop transports from afar and then when your other guys can shoot they can switch to frag.
c) give them a razorback (weapon of your choice) and use them to support troubled parts of the line
d) give them a rhino and one heavy weapon, shoot it until the enemy gets close and then move forward and rapid fire
e) i can't remember if sternguard can take a heavy flamer but if so you could do the same as c/d and make them destroy hordes.

Concerning your tactical squads, if they plan to stay stationary I would personally have a mix of multi-meltas (24" isn't that short and the Ap1 makes up for the lost strength) and plasma cannons (kill all MEQs). You could also go lascannon/plasmacannons to do the same thing. Or if you can't decide jsut give them all missile launchers, cheap and effective. Special weapons should match the heavy weapon (eg. a plasmacannon with a flamer/plasma gun) (missile launcher with meltagun/flamer)(lascannon with meltagun)

Give the librarian force dome (invaluable for keeping command squad, tactical marines or sternguard alive). Personally I prefer vindicators or whirlwinds to thunderfire cannons as it is so vulnerable. Vindicator has AV13 and whirlwind does not need line of sight. Their weapons aren't as versatile and useful but a thing that dies 1st/2nd turn isn't that useful either (unless its a suicide squad and built for that purpose)

Apart from that good, you have a solid core of troops, decent HQs and the scouts can infiltrate up the board to slow the enemy or help the gunline (note that the power sword, combi-flamer scouts should be combat scouts with such weaponry). The final change I would do is give the dreadnought a multi-melta (although assualt cannon is fine, its just what I'd do), makes him cheaper and effective against big tanks. If you're worried about hitting get a venerable.

Sorry for the big wall of text. I hope it helps.
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