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Having not played a non Apocalypse game with my Chaos since the recent codex came out, I've decided to dust off my Legion and here is the first list I want to try out. Please give me as many comments as possible!:

The Leper Messiah (DP) 165 pts
- MoN, Wings, Nurgle's Rot

6 Terminators 305 pts
- Icon of Nurgle, 5 pairs of Lighting Claws, Reaper Autocannon, Powerfist

3x 10 Plaguemarines 295 pts
- 2x Plasma Guns
Plague Champion: Power Weapon, Melta Bombs

Fast Attack
4 Bikers 222 pts
-2x Melta Guns
Champ: Melta Bombs

8 Raptors 270 pts
- Icon of Nurgle, 2x Melta Guns
Aspiring Champion: Powerfist

Grand Total: 1847 pts

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HQ: Rot is fitting but really isn't worth the points. Suggest warptime or doombolt.

Terminators: Expensive and very powerful. Your opponent knows this and will just keep away from them or feed them a cheap unit to kill. 5-6 combi plasma and single LC or a mix of fists and power weapons wils still rock in combat but have a ranged function as well, paticularly when deepstriking.

Troops: Fine. When you have initiative 3 you may as well swap for the powerfist.

Bikes: Drop the champion if you are only giving him meltabombs or upgrade him to a powerfist. Personally I don't think bikes are worth the points and should be kept as cheap as possible. You could drop them for 3 obliterators in three units of one. They could plod and fire las cannon at tanks or plasma cannon at infantry. Alternativley deepstrike and use TL melta or multimelta against vehicles.

Raptors: OK. do 8 with IoN work better than 10 with IoCG? discuss.

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i dont think this list will work very well (no offense)

id make the demon a lord with steed, mon, demon weapon instead. hes fast and packs a very powerful punch.

elites i agree with Mad cat. generally not worth it unless you have more than one quad.

plague marines i would say make them either 7 man squads or 14 but thats just cause ive played deathguard for a long time and love the fluff. power fists are a must though.

bikes and raptors are not fluffy or effective, in my opinion. they tend to just draw fire in a very nasty way. points could be used to get more plague marines.

one of the best lists you can run is 56 plague marines and a lord

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I like the list. I've experimented with Plaguemarines recently and they do their stuff quite well. The only trick is to support them and bikers/raptors/DP did a good job for me. Keep Rot, it gives character, and for the love of Chaos Undivided don't put combiplasmas on your Termies. That is being exploited to death and terminators shouldn't be one-hit wonders anyway.

I would drop the plague champions and pick up two more bikes. You don't need the champs' leadership if you're fearless and you don't need the power weapons if they're backed up by L.Claw termies & raptors.
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