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Well I am working on a Slaaneshi 40k army and this is my latest list that I have come up with:

Lucius the Eternal 160 pts

3x 6 Noisemarines 185 pts
- 5x Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster

10 Noisemarines 335 pts
- 9x Sonic Blasters
AC: Doom Siren, Sonic Blaster, Power Weapon, Melta Bombs

9 Noisemarines 260 pts
- 9x Sonic Blasters

Fast Attack
8 Raptors 240 pts
- Slaanesh, 2x Melta Guns
AC: Powerfist

Heavy Support
2x 2 Obliterators 150 pts

Grand Total: 1850 pts

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HQ: fine


Small Sonic Squads: fine

Larger Sonic Squads: I'm having trouble seeing the point of both units. First, the two rhinos are your only vehicles in the game. At the 1850 point level, this will pose serious problems for their staying power. You can pretty much guarantee they'll both get taken out on the first round. Best thing to do is to remove both rhinos and stick to footslogging, which is what Noise Marines do best ;).

Second, what's the purpose of the large sonic squads? If c.c., then the one with the a.c. has conflicting upgrades, such as the sonic blasters. While s. blasters make excellent assault weapons, they are nigh on too expensive for using in c.c. units, especially when the sonic weaponry is for range. Does this make sense? I'm recommending that you drop these large units down to the same as your smaller ones, and then take more oblits.

FAST: fine

HEAVY: fine, except spread them out between all three of your heavy slots. It will prolong their staying power.
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