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It was actually 1863 in preparation for an upcoming tourney, but it's close enough to 1850. And sorry, no pic's... :/

My list:
Lord - Orb & Veil

6 Immortals
5 Immortals
5 Immortals

10 Warriors
11 Warriors (I get 1 more warrior at 1863 vs. 1850)

Fast Attack:
3 Destroyers
3 Destroyers

Heavy Support:

Eldar List:
Prince Yriel (rides with the 5 man harlequin squad)
Farseer - Runes of Witnessing, Runes of Warding, Doom, Fortune, Jetbike
- 3xWarlocks - Jetbikes, 3 Destructors

6 Harlequins with Shadow Seer and 6 kisses
6 Harlequins with Shadow Seer and 6 kisses
5 Harlequins with Shadow Seer and 5 kisses

3 Guardian Jetbikes with Shuriken Cannon
3 Guardian Jetbikes with Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack:
6 Warp Spiders with Exarch and dual-spinnerets

Heavy Support
Falcon with Pulse Laser, Shuriken Cannon, TL-Shuriken Catapult, Holofield, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines, Star Engines
Falcon with Pulse Laser, Shuriken Cannon, TL-Shuriken Catapult, Holofield, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines, Star Engines
Falcon with Pulse Laser, Shuriken Cannon, TL-Shuriken Catapult, Holofield, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines, Star Engines

Mission: Seek & Destroy, Gamma
(All left/right descriptions will be based off of my board edge)

Pre-Game Assessment:
I've played against this player before. He's definitely pretty good, but Necrons (especially shooty ones) tend to give his list problems with everything having the ability to hurt his falcons. So my plan was to just castle up, use destroyers to limit his ability to disembark and assault successfully, and try to minimize the impact of harlequin assaults through positioning... then in my turn, teleport out of combat and kill them. So the key was keeping my monolith alive and everything nearby. Luckily, I had a big piece of area terrain to hide it behind so that a lucky pulse laser shot couldn't kill it in the early stages of the game... and after that, falcons should be pretty much perma-glanced after that.

2xFalcons on left flank (one has harle's & one has 5 harle's plus Yriel)
1xFalcon w/ last harle squad on center-right, facing left
1xGuardian Jetbikes next to this falcon
The rest (Guardian Jetbikes, Warlock bikes, farseer, and warp spiders on left flank)

I castled up on the right flank with a monolith behind a long piece of terrain (too many lucky glancing 6's in the past, and I wanted that capable of pulling people out of assault with harlequins) and the Deceiver near the center.

Necron Turn 1: I win the roll to go first and decide to gamble..

I veil 6 immortals with the lord and attempt to land behind the right-flank falcon. I end up landing around 13" behind it. I also move both destroyer squads up 12". One has two that can see the rear of the right flank falcon and the other squad is on the side. Great, possibility of getting penetrating hits!

Deceiver advances towards the center of the board, between my castle and the left flank with lots of eldar.

Everything else stays close together while still being far enough apart to not allow one falcon to start tank shocking 3+ units at once.

In the shooting phase, I decide to fire the destroyers that can see the rear (2 of 3 have sight on it) of the falcon first. I figured with their strength 6 against armor 10 without SMF, I have a good chance to destroy it. I get 6 of 6 hits, 1 penetrating hit.. Result: weapon destroyed (pulse laser) and shaken (spirit stones). Also, the harlequins now must disembark. He puts them as far from the immortals as possible. A big roll now: can those immortals see the harlequins - they'll be in a world of hurt if they can't. I make the roll by 1"! 6 immortals open up on the harlequins needing 3's to hit and 2's to wound on 12 shots: 3 wounds, of which only 1 makes it past the 5+ invul save. Hmm, that's a problem :p

Deceiver uses his Dread ability and a unit of guardian jetbikes near the right-center falcon break & run off the board.

No other effective shooting. No assaults.

Eldar Turn 1:
He moves the 5 remaining harlequins towards the veiled immortals. Their transport tank shocks a unit of immortals that moved up some and they roll an 11 on their break check & bail. Luckily, they were just at the max movement range and roll a 9 for their break distance (they can attempt to rally on my turn).

The left flank moves forward about 12" all, with only the warlocks moving faster by turbo-boosting. He shot a few pulse laser shots at the big D but failed to wound him.

The thing that had me worried came next: 5 rending harlequins charge 6 immortals (the lord was unattached). 20 attacks on the charge from the harlequins sees 8 6's that completely wipe out the immortals. Oops, not good! They massacre into the lord to force him to veil away.

Necron Turn 2:
My immortals successfully rally. The lord veils safely away from the harlequins, landing with a direct hit at the fringes of my phalanx. The big D continues to play goalie against the warp spiders and jet bikers. The two destroyer units move up next to the exposed harlequins while everything else plans to rapid fire the falcon in the center of my army (the only thing in range).

The first destroyer unit caused 5 wounds on the harlequins killing 2, forcing the second unit to shoot them as well instead of the falcon in the rear, but it was able to exactly kill them off with another 6 wounds (successful 5+ invulnerables are annoying :p).

The big D forces the warlock jet bikes to take a morale check, which they pass.

With 20 rapid firing warriors and 10 immortals shooting the falcon, I manage to destroy the shuriken cannon and that's it.

Eldar Turn 2:
The Farseer dooms the big D, and the warlocks, guardian bike squad, and warp spiders all move into position to open up on him. The Falcon in the center of my phalanx tank shocks two immortal units who thankfully both pass their break check. The other two falcons zoom their 36" up to my lines. One near my board edge at around the center of the board, the other directly ahead of my phalanx semi-close to my destroyers.

In the shooting phase, he shot everything still on the left flank at the the big D, causing a few wounds but nothing that got past the invulnerable save. Nothing else could shoot, and there were no assaults.

Necron Turn 3:
I turbo boosted one destroyer squad behind the falcon ahead of me, but nothing had the movement to block the exit point of the other (the one carrying Yriel). Nor could I get everyone out of their charge range, so I prepared to minimize the damage as much as possible: I took the immortal squad that was near the falcon and strung them out as much as possible, so if he charged them, he would not be able to get everyone in the kill zone. On the other side, I put the 11 man warrior squad, with a few stragglers in the back, so that it would be impossible for all of them to die. The lord moved up to provide res orb coverage to both squads.

The deceiver started backing up towards my castle while still maintaining sight on the warlock bikers. Monolith peaks its head out from behind terrain to flux two falcons.

Time to shoot at some more falcons. Monolith fluxes to no effect, and the two warrior squads rapid fire into the falcon carrying Yriel, destroying the pulse laser and shaking it. The lord shoots his staff of light into the empty falcon (only thing in range) and immobilizes it! One immortal squad shakes the third falcon, the other shoots into Yriel's falcon doing nothing. The destroyer squad that didn't turbo boost kill one guardian and they break.

The big D once again fills the warlocks with dread, but they hold fast.

No assaults to speak of.

Eldar Turn 3:
Yriel & crew disembark and move towards the 11 man warrior squad and the nearby monolith. Their falcon then attempts to tank shock the destroyers blocking the back of the other falcon. After they move out of the way, he placed the one too close (within 1" of the back of the second), so he couldn't disembark more than 1 or 2 harlequins. He forgoes the disembarkation and moves away from the destroyers towards the right flank.

The warlock bikers and spiders continued to try to harrass the big D.

Shooting saw one destroyer fall to a pulse laser shot from the only falcon with one left (the one with harle's in it, too). The warlocks & spiders fail to hurt the big D again, and the harle's plus yriel get closer to the warriors / monolith with fleet. They declare a dual charge, Yriel attacking the monolith with his singing spear and the harle's plowing into the warriors. In the end, Yriel failed to hit the monolith, but 8 warriors fell to the 5 harlequins. They failed their break check but didn't run far. The harlequins consolidated into them trying to wipe them out if they failed again, but this time they succeeded and held their place.

Necron Turn 4:
The warriors ported through the monolith, with the two WBB's, 5 of the 8 stood back up... but more importantly, left Yriel & co. vulnerable to shooting. The big D moved back towards the castle out of sight of the spiders but still seeing the warlocks. The Destroyers again blocked the remaining occupied falcon's disembarkation point, and lots of stuff started aiming at Yriel.

Shooting saw the warlocks pass their check from the big D, but they lost one to destroyer fire (they were fortuned). The monolith fluxed and both warriors rapid fired into the squad killing all the harlequins and putting a wound on Yriel. Yriel was now safe from the immortals as he was a lone IC, so they each shot a falcon instead. The one that could see the occupied falcon destroyed a pulse laser.. the other, whose sight was blocked by the immobilized one in my DZ, immobilized the third falcon (Yriel's that tank shocked destroyers in the previous round). Too bad that wasn't reversed!

The warlocks failed their morale check from the Destroyer fire and ran 6" on 3 dice to stay on the board. The Deceiver assaulted the weapon-less immobilized falcon near my castle just cause he could and got 1 glance & 4 pens... It was destroyed but didn't explode.

Eldar Turn 4:
The warlocks, after valiantly running only 6" last turn, decided to keep running and went the extra 4" they needed to get off the board. The spiders and far seer moved forward towards the outer-most immortals (the spiders were fortuned). The last mobile falcon jumped back towards a board edge to avoid the back being blocked, but it was also too far for their to be anything to assault next turn. Yriel went after the warriors again. Three immortals fell to spider fire and broke, but Yriel missed with his spear.

In assault, Yriel unveiled his eyepatch, knocking down 6 warriors, who held their ground this time.

Necron Turn 5:
One immortal stood up, bringing them above half & they rallied. 4 of the 6 warriors also stood up after they were teleported through the Monolith again. The destroyers fell back from their location out of range of the harlequins and the un-blockable exit point of the last occupied falcon. The big D advanced towards the spiders location.

The spiders passed their Dread check, Flux & rapid firing warriors finished off Yriel. My last target in range & sight was the unoccupied falcon, which I managed to get weapon destroy + immobilize to death.

Eldar Turn 5:
The last falcon zooms forward 36" near my castle in a last ditch effort to get their harlequins into my lines for some final VP's. The spiders take aim at destroyers, and the far seer fortunes them. The spiders kill two destroyers, and then jump back a bit. The last one passes his morale check.

Necron Turn 6:
The two destroyers stand up. One squad moves behind the last falcon and everything else gets into position to shoot it down.

The spiders pass their Dread check again from the big D. Shooting from the warriors and immortals immobilize the falcon... which then cancels the SMF and the destroyers in the rear finish it off with a few penetrating hits, killing the harle's since there's no room to disembark.

Eldar Turn 6:
With only two units left (farseer & spiders), there's not much to do... He dooms the big D and shoots him, putting a wound on him for half points.

End Result & Post-Game Assessment:
He had the Farseer & spiders. I lost a 6 man immortal squad and a wound on the Deceiver, along with a few various warriors and a couple immortals - but nothing else that affected VP's.

Getting the first turn helped, but in the end it cost me an immortal unit... though it was a nice trade off to be able to kill a harlequin unit, as those are the real threat to my army. Especially since the point cost between the two is fairly even. The Deceiver was great, as usual - keeping a lot of his units at bay and soaking up shots. Falcons were their usual PITA selves, but Necrons tend to be the best army to deal with them, I've found... for everything except for top of turn 1 destructions, anyway.

Mechanized Eldar are one of the current top tier lists, I believe, capable of handling most armies out there - with the exception of castling shooty necrons, and maybe Nidzilla. A tough game regardless, though. And boy do I hate tank-shocking falcons. :p
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