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Looks like I'll finally be able to play some 40k in the near future, so I started putting together some list for my GKs. This is the one I am thinking of at the moment, though I have no idea what the current meta is at all.
Might of Titan,Warp Rift,Sanctuary,The Shrouding
MC Nem Force Halberd


3x 6 GKSS
SB and NemFS; 1 Psycannon
Justicar w/ MC FS
Razorback with Psybolt TL Heavy Bolter

SB and NF Halberd; 1 Psycannon
Justicar w/ MC Halberd

6 Purifiers
3 SB and NemFS; 2 Incinerators
Justicar MC Halberd



Land Raider Godhammer

Total: 1850

This is just something I threw together, and have no idea if it works. Any comments and recommendations are welcome.

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HQ: Good. Get quickening as well maybe. I would leave the sword on him as enemies will try and kill him off in combat to reduce your Psy powers and defence.

termies - Always take a hammer in case an enemy dread or defiler charges you and you get stuck in a useless combat. Alsop take 1-2 swords and the rest as halberds.
GKSS - OK but a hammer is better than a MC sword.

Elites: Not bad to go in the LR. Hammers are cheap for them so take 1-2 of them and the rest halberds. 2 incinerators are fine but you may need another 2 bodies in there if you can. Vindicare is ok but I would prefer a higher model count in the army such as 2 more purifiers and 1-3 more termies.

Heavy: Fine. Add a MM too if you can or think about a LRR with MM.
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