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I would recomend keeping that Ion head, you already have two Railheads and it looks like your gonna play a lot of Necrons, SM, CSM and Nid armies where that baby is gonna come in handy.

I would agree with salvane on those flamers though, they are about the worst wepon to put on a crisis suit unless your playing maybe horde ork and IG armies. In anycase its not a loadout to apply to ALL your crisis suits at most thats a configuration for one suit and even then I would team it up with a burst cannon rather than plasma, as is its a missmatch of wepons with different optimum troops to use on. .

I would recomend 3 plasma/missle and 2 plasma/fusion. This gives your crisis real killing power at better distance and much greater versatility. Tau's SM and CSM killing wepons are largely mounted on their crisis and your kinda throwing that away.

What are your intents with the Pathfinders? Given that you chucked EMP's on them this makes me think your gonna use them for Tank Busting or something, which given Tau's anti armor wepons it isn't really necessary. In anycase the units too small. It'll break after being shot at once by almost any enemy squad. Pathfinders are a difficult unit to use and master and right now (the new dex is supposed to change some things) I wouldn't reccomend using them in a tourney list.

I also woundn't reccomend joining that etheral to a squad. He'll lose his independant character status and if that squad whipes then your whole army is gonna run off the board. Burry him behind heavy cover where the enemy can't shoot him and make sure you always have squads between him and the enemy so he can't be targeted.

And as a note of personal preference I wouldn't bother with photon gernades on your FW's, if they get into CC with anything other than Guard they're boned, even if you take away the enemies charge advantage. Use those points for more units, that'll be of bigger help than the photon gernades ever will in a game.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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