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1850 tournament 'doom'stealers

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My first tourny! yay! Please leave any advice
Broodlord=70 + retinue
11 doomstealer retinue= acid maw+EC+FleshHooks+ImplantA+Scythingt+TS=385
Hive Tyrant=AG(Ws)+ES+TS+Rending+VenomC=170
12 Genestealers+EC=240
12 Genestealers+EC=240
12 Genestealers+EC=240
12 Genestealers+EC=240
2 bio acid biovores=110
Fast Attack:
3 raveners+scything talons+rending+devourers=150

Any help is much appreciated:yes:
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if you took some of those biomorphs off the BL stealers, you could probly include a carnifex
Maybe replace Rending Claws with a Barbed Strangler on your Tyrant.

I'd take off Implant Attack on your Broodlord Retinue so you could add in 1-2 more genestealers to your army, or if you wanted to you could just keep IA.

I personally don't like Biovores, but if you like em' then go ahead and keep them.

yeah i like the biovores for tank bustin'.... and that ap3 is awesome against Meqs. Unforntunatly i glue the tyrants rending claws on so i can't change it :( i have a shooty carni with a vc and bs but it's like 190 pts.. i keep debating about the raveners... i really like 18 devourer reroll to wound shots..and the 12" charge is cool as well...but i can't decide weither to take them out and add a shooty carni or something else...hmm
I'd keep the Ravaners but thats personal taste.

If you wanted that Gun' fex, then you could take out the Hive Tyrant and slim down the biomorphes on the broodlord retinue, leaving enough points for the Carnifex.

You have more than 25% HQ choice. If your tournament has comp rules (most do, at least that I have played in), you can be penalized for this.

And also, You don't seem to have enough to take down tanks / skimmers. LSTs and eldar tanks are going to cause serious problems to your list.
Hey i recon you should drop the tyrant and bio's and add a couple of synapse/warp blast 'thropes and 2 lictors
ok, i changed the list slightly... i took out acid maw from my doomstealers and and gave my broodlord toxin sacs and Flesh hooks and i gave one of my genestealer broods scuttle..... figuring giving two stealer doom w/ a BL and the other scuttle and EC a good chance in seeing combat 1st to 2nd turn... cause as we all know... our genestealers strike fear into the hearts of men :) and they freak and throw everything they have at the closest brood. I keep going back and forth about that tyrant though.... his VC is S 8 and he'll hit with 3 shots on a 3+.. i like those odds compared to a carni's 2 S10 shots that hit on a 4+.... but i'm not sure what will work better in this list. Those biovore's always help me out (a lot) and i love that if i miss...they just float around annoying my opponent. Any ideas?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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