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1850 Tournament list

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Grand master....................374
-Icon of the Just
-Sacred Insence
-4 Terminators

-Artificer Armor
-Clos Combat Weapon
-Bolt Pistol
-Teleport Homer

5 ISTs..............................128
-2 meltaguns
-Rhino(smoke & armor)

7 ISTs..............................90
-2 Plasmaguns

IG Platoon
Command Squad...............65

Squad 1............................85

Squad 2............................85

Squad 3............................91
-Vet. Sgt.

Armoured Fist Squad..........178
-Vet. Sgt.
-Chimera(Multilaser, Heavy Bolter)

Fast Attack
9 Grey Knights..................285

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusader........268

Leman Russ.....................175
-Heavy Bolters
-Improved Comms

Same deal as usual, but I think I might want to try something new. Having the unattached Inquisitor gives me some flexibility. I can put him in either the anti-tank ISTs or on his own in the Land Raider. He would go normally if he was with the squad, but if he was in the LRC, I could charge it at whatever, disembark him, have him behind some trees or something during the enemy's turn while being covered by the LRC, and then calling down the HQ and FAGKs, then ending it all with a charge into the ranks of the enemy to hopefully be in close combat with the closest enemy unit to prevent them from shooting or charging the DSing guys. The next turn, The DSed guys would follw in and begin trashing my opponent's lines in suitably Grey Knightish fashion. This could be kind of risky, but I think it might be worth it.
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No offense but I really don't think the Inquisitor will "thrash" anything....he's the strength and toughness of a guardsmen, but it's your call, I'm only pointing out minor things...Megalo will probably come into this thread, post shame shame on me for being useless or something then help you with your list, but I think your list looks solid :yes:
By trashing, I meant that the guys he called in will come and tear apart the opponent's lines, the Inquisitor is just there to prevent enemy units from shooting at the DSed guys and locking my opponent in cc until I can do it on my own terms (which means until I charge). If you'll notice, the Inquisitor isn't really kitted out for cc deathyness (cool, I just made up a word!:w00t: ) but he can absorb a lot of normal hits, hence the artificer armor.
I don't think the Inquisitor's purpose is to thrash anything, just to block LoS by getting into combat. Sure, its sacrificing the model, but it saves all the Deepstriking units from excessive casualties. The problem with this idea, though, is Deepstriking itself. You're depending on all of the DSing units coming in at once. Improved Comms will help, but its still a gamble.

For a tournament list, never take a Grimoire. How many players in the entire tourney will bring a Greater Daemon? Sacred Incense is alright because it's cheap and more effective.

The Inquisitor, I'd drop Artificer armor on him. He'll be in a unit or in a transport for most of his lifespan, and after that he doesn't really need to last too long.

I'd prefer a Missile Launcher over the AF's Autocannon, just for the template. But that's a matter of taste.

I'd also prefer a maxed out FAGK unit over those Vet Sarges in the IG units.

Looks good overall. Good luck at the tourney!

Emp. said:
Megalo will probably come into this thread, post shame shame on me for being useless or something then help you with your list, but I think your list looks solid :yes:
Thanks for the advice, list updated
Good luck as well. List looks pretty solid.

Let us know how it goes, it's always good to share tourney experience.
Just got back from the tournament about an hour and a half ago. I did pretty well, and the Inquisitor, teleport homer thing worked wonders. I won the first game against marines, lost the 2nd against Ultramarines, and won the third against Necrons, I won 3rd or 4th overall of about 12.

The Inquisitor thing was amazing. First put all the terminators and FAGKs in easy view, then say that you are putting the elites choice in the LRC. Because an opponent sees the termies, they will automatically assume that it is them that you put in the LRC. They will try to destroy it, and when they do, they find that it is only an Inquisitor. They then ignore the Inquisitor, which pulls them completely out of position, and then the Inquisitor calls down the Grey Knights, and charges to keep them from being shot at. The GKs can then procede to kill everything from behind while they are being ground into the IG's and IST's fire. All I can say is try it, it should work against anybody except horde armies and armies that can destroy a LR very quickly.
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That's a good tactic, should try to remember that. Hey, looks like you did well in the tourney though, that's awesome :yes:
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