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Just a couple of changes that I would suggest, though some are just personal preference. I'll state what i think you should do to aleviate the problems at the end of the post.

#1. Your squad of immortals is too small. I am assuming that they will be teleporting with your VoD lord and I think that in such a small squad they will be wiped out to easily if they plan on teleporting closer to your enemy. I think these should be bumped up to 10, or 8 at the very least.

#2. I think your warrior base is to underpowered. I myself am a fan of ultra mobile- low warrior count lists, but i think you may have taken it a bit to far. Since these squads have to monolith to support them (or lord since he will be with immortals I am assuming) they need to be bigger so they dont get wiped. I reccomend upping them to at least 12 each, preferably more since they have no real support. (res. orb, or teleporting)

#3. For fast attack I think it looks ok. 6 wraiths is good support for your destroyer lord, and 5 destroyers is a decent number. My personal preference is Destroyers over Wraiths though, so I would try to get more destroyers over wraiths if I were making this list (which I'm not).

#4. Your Heavy support kind of troubles me. Unlike many people I am actually a fan of heavy destroyers. However I think you may have gone somewhat overboard. I would really like to see a Monolith get into this list simply so that your warriors would have some support from it (or you could Teleport it into enemy lines and bring warriors out through it).


Like I said, some of my suggestions are based purely off of my own preferences. I do think that the fixes to your immortal squad and warriors are musts however. I think you should drop some of your heavy destroyers in order to do it.

If you drop a Heavy Destroyer squad, you could potentially up your Immortals to 8, get another Tomb spyder for warrior support, and get 4 more warriors to bring both squads to 12.

Just suggestions that I think would help this list.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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